Boca Grande

Iphone4 419

Strolling through the town of Boca Grande is delightful! These chairs are in front

of the store…

Iphone4 420

Such pretty pink and green dresses in here!

Then off we went to The Grapevine Gourmet Shop

Iphone4 418

My sister and I enjoyed a wine tasting…


Boca Grande is beautiful…

Iphone4 457                             Iphone4 463

Iphone4 437

Iphone4 467

Iphone4 429

Iphone4 477

Iphone4 483

Iphone4 491

Iphone4 425

For all my RV friends…

Iphone4 504

I saw this sign…

Iphone4 494

…and no sooner did I take this picture…

I saw this little guy…

Iphone4 508Iphone4 513


Such a beautiful place…

Boca Grande

3 thoughts on “Boca Grande

  1. My kind of living… Love The pink chairs. The Grapevine. We have a restaurant around here in small, rural Arkansas called the Grapevine. There are a few small towns nearby that have winery’s/vineyards. My husband and I enjoy the wine tastings and festivals. You can even buy grape vines! I think it will be fun to grow a couple myself. 🙂

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