On The Move…Photo Challenge buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

396838_2994088270218_1309179015_n - Copy
Photographed in Pennsylvania… in my brother’s flower garden! Purple Cone Flower (Echinacia)

Busy Bee On The Move…

This is my take on…

this weeks photo Challenge…”On The Move.”

Brought to you by…

The Daily Post


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Thank You Bee

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12 thoughts on “On The Move…Photo Challenge buzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  1. Oh I agree! I so enjoy honey from all around the nation. I try to purchase some wherever I am visiting. I am enjoying The Mesquite Honey now here in Arizona. Oh, and I wish you could hear… the Mesquite! It’s very own blossoms bring the bees. The tree will be covered in bees…and it has a low constant hum…until night fall.

  2. What an amazing photo! I am not good at capturing anything that is moving. Usually I am waving my camera around like a mad woman capturing blurs. Yours is just fabulous.

    1. Thank you so very much! Your wonderful words mean a lot to me as you post magnificent photos on your blog. Have a great vacation! 😀

  3. I’ve tried, but I just CAN’T get a Norwegian bee to cooperate for their photo op! One day ….

    Your image is perfect, and represents this challenge perfectly too!

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