Chihuly at The Desert Botanical Gardens ~Friday Fotos: Tranquility

Since I have known my sweet, sweet man

I have wanted to go to the Desert Botanical Gardens.


when we saw that Chihuly was THE EVENT to go too…

we said…

Let’s Do It!

PaysonChihuly 145

Dale Chihuly is the artist… who has the vision to have these amazing exhibits all around the world!

He works with a TEAM of people who help him embrace his VISION!


We went with friends in the late afternoon.


4:30p.m. was our arrival time and we left at closing time… which was at 8:00p.m.

This way we had enough time to explore all the gardens and to view Chihuly during the day and night!

PaysonChihuly 139

We saw this as we entered…

PaysonChihuly 145


PaysonChihuly 150

PaysonChihuly 151

One after another… spectacular!   And such tranquility is felt as you walk through the gardens…

PaysonChihuly 158

PaysonChihuly 257

Then nightfall came…

My friend and I glanced up onto the mountain and saw this!

PaysonChihuly 320



PaysonChihuly 322







A jet flew over…ready to land at Phoenix Airport… what do you think the people on the plane thought when they saw this from the sky!



PaysonChihuly 323

The moon decided it wanted to be a part of The Chihuly Exhibit!

PaysonChihuly 344

A spectacular sunset…

iPhone10 396

iPhone10 419

iPhone10 472

iPhone10 482

iPhone10 489

iPhone10 502

iPhone10 520

iPhone10 529

iPhone10 537

iPhone10 538

The Desert Botanical Gardens and Chihuly

A Standing Ovation To All of You!

I am also participating in Friday Fotos~ Tranquility…

These gardens and this art bring you peace and calm… “tranquility”

6 thoughts on “Chihuly at The Desert Botanical Gardens ~Friday Fotos: Tranquility

  1. I love glass!! We lived close enough to Corning, NY that we did several trips to the glass museum. I really need to see this special display you posted. He has a museum in St. Pete’s, FL. There is a gorgeous piece out front on the street. I think going in the evening will be a must.

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