“Works of Art” ~Photo Challenge

spiderwebs 004 - Copy

A spider web…

such beautiful Works of Art.

Join in on the fun and see what “works of art”

…others have captured through their lens…

over at…


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6 thoughts on ““Works of Art” ~Photo Challenge

  1. I am not a fan of spiders, am very afraid of them. But yes, their webs are so beautiful, always glistening when the sun falls on them. Hope the spiders didn’t mind you taking a photo of their home. Great shot 🙂

      1. Photo shy, hmmm. It has never crossed my mind spiders don’t like having their photos taken. Maybe they don’t like big things sticking in their faces. I don’t usually see spiderwebs in photos, so your picture was very refreshing for my eyes, Nancy 🙂

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