The Destination Is~ Crown King!

Who has been to Crown King?

Crown King,  Arizona?

…and made it there in one piece…?

I have!


Iphone 8 096


We set out in our jeeps one early morning…

Fun in the SUN 059
The War Wagon leads the way!

Crown King is at an elevation of 5770 feet.


Some mountains had to be climbed.

Fun in the SUN 017



Trails had to be found and crossed…

Fun in the SUN 020

I said… once again…


Along the way we saw …

Iphone9 271 Iphone9 276

Iphone9 308 Iphone9 344

and we stopped to look at…

Iphone9 084 - Copy

The vegetation starts to change as the elevation changes…

Iphone9 293

We stopped everything…

just to take a look at this…

Iphone9 375

Do you see the little guy?

Well… let me help you out just a little bit.

Iphone9 376

Do ya see him now?? A Horned Toad!

Then all of a sudden…

we arrived!




You just have to understand… when you are out in the middle of the desert…

you will see signs… Showing the way to Crown King.

There are some beautiful camping and lodging places in Crown King.

Crown King is a place people like to get away too. It’s higher elevation makes it cooler during the summer months.

The first thing you see is The General Store

Iphone9 442

Inside they make Homemade fudge daily…

Iphone9 434I had some and it was delicious!

Iphone9 448
There are small cabins, cottages and homes throughout this area. They are dotted all along the mountain sides.

Iphone9 449

Here is the local post office.

Iphone9 429

Iphone9 478

Of course we had to have a cold beer after that long hard ride up here.

Iphone9 482

Iphone9 480

Iphone9 468

A local fireman.

Two years ago the whole mountainside was under fire. I am sure he was there to help put it out!

Another neat little place is the Hummingbird Bar…

That’s not the name of the bar…but everyone calls it that.

016 020 059

The Bar Maid said that after Memorial day… there will be close to 8 hummingbirds at each bird feeder.


Inside the bar…

(It use to be a stamping mill for the local mines.)

036 038 040

Iphone9 458

It was time to gather ourselves and head on back…

but I had to take a picture of this…


It’s so funny to see all the strange signs  out here in the Wild, Wild West!

On the way out of Crown King this beautiful, majestic peak sticks out…

Iphone9 502Gorgeous…isn’t it?

When going down the mountain there are lots of switchbacks and hairpin turns…

Oh, and I had to show you this… we stopped at this culvert and took some neat pictures.

Iphone9 534

Iphone9 539

Yuuuppp!! That’s me standing in the culvert!

How many times did I tell my kids when they were growing up…


Driving through the desert you will come across many things…


not too often do you come across a bar

right smack dab in the middle of the desert!

Iphone9 566

Iphone9 568

So we had a beer at Cleator’s.

Iphone9 564 Iphone9 570 Iphone9 574 Iphone9 582

I saved the best for last…

Iphone9 584
Love this sign!

And so…

until the next time…

“cause I’m here when I’m here… and I ain’t when I ain’t!”

Tongue out emoticon

6 thoughts on “The Destination Is~ Crown King!

    1. It was a fun climb up the mountains… and it’s always fun to see tall evergreens and forests when you are in Arizona. Glad you enjoyed my post! Thank You!

  1. Oh you are a girl after my own heart. Cold beer and fudge…yes these are happy things indeed 🙂 Love the photos but my particular picks are the toad and the culvert.Thanks for the tour. Really enjoyed it!

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