Weekly Photo Challenge: TWIST

Iphone9 540 - Copy

Here’s my “twist” on things!

Iphone9 540 - Copy - CopyIphone9 540 - Copy - Copy (2)

That’s me!!

My photos are a twist and my life is a twist as well.

I am now living in a new state, new relationship,  a new house, a new life and I am blogging about it all.

So that’s a


But loving every minute of it!

Head on over to the Daily Post to see what others have posted for the “twist!”


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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TWIST

    1. In Arizona… It’s my new state! Yes… I started this blog to journal all of the New Fun and all the “twists!” It has been exciting…so I decided a Blog would help me Journal all of my daily activities. Plus I could add a few photos along the way. 😉 By the way Ingrid… how are you feeling? Better, I am hoping!

      1. Much better. Thank so much for asking. My next post will be about a hike we took a few days ago and this was the first hike I didn’t have breathing issues since my illness. Appears my lungs are finally healed….took long enough!

      2. I am so glad for you!! Can’t wait for your post about your hike. I bet it will be breathtaking… Sorry I had to say that! 😀 😉

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