Climb Every Mountain

Well, I did climb one!


I climbed a mountain and I am proud of that accomplishment!

Living here in the valley,

we look at mountains everyday.

However, there is one in particular that we are very proud of here in Anthem, Arizona.

Daisy Mountain!


The mountain is free of construction which makes this mountain Extra Special!

Living here in Anthem everyone can view this gorgeous majesty.

Because of that…everyone has a desire to climb it.

I got that chance!

It’s about a 3.2 mile hike up to the summit. (elevation 3,716 feet)

Because this is an extreme desert trail it is hard to follow at times.

There are some scary edges… one misstep and you could slide down into a deep area.

Here I am at the top of Daisy Mountain!


The view was fabulous!



Here are a few shots of Daisy Mountain when in town.


Monochrome Monday!

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11 thoughts on “Climb Every Mountain

  1. Congrats on the climb. I did not know Daisy Mountain had a trail to conquer. I love Anthem and even looked at some houses but the water issue scared us off. I’m putting this trail on my list for when we’re back in the area in the spring.

    1. Yes… please do some research on it as there are several trails and nothing is marked. We had a map from the internet and still welcomed advice from those who were hiking that day.

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