Christmas in Prescott, AZ

A fun day with friends was had!

Laughter, fun, antiquing and memories were made in Prescott, Arizona.

Prescott is called “Arizona’s Christmas City.”

Here’s why…



image    IMG_0151



Whiskey Row can be seen in the background.

Whiskey Row is a street in Prescott that is full of shops, bars and restaurants.

This is a great town to go visit. There is plenty of shopping and great places to eat.

We chose Prescott Brewing Co. Great food and great beer!



Thanks for coming by and looking at Prescott’s Beautiful lighting with me!


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11 thoughts on “Christmas in Prescott, AZ

  1. Prescott is a cute town. When we were there for my son’s wedding a few years ago, I learned to correctly pronounce the city name and was surprised it was not what I thought! Would love to see it at Christmas.

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