Homework Can Be Fun!

Here at Two Trails One Road…

I am attending The Daily Post Blogging University on WordPress Campus.

My first class is:

Blogging 101.

No dorms, no tuition, no college cafeteria food…

and No College Mascots.

Just little ole me and my laptop and my friends at The Daily Post.

I know, I know… I have been blogging for a little over a year now.


I want to learn a little bit more about this thing they call “Blogging.”

smiley face reading book

Today’s assignment…

I am to reach out and say hello to 5 new blogs and 5 new topics!

So in a synopsis…

I met 3 new dogs who have blogs!

Who knew this could even happen?

Starlight, Sunshine and Feegle!

They are fabulous blogs with great photography and they all have a great sense of humor!

Then I was off to find another topic.

Well, if any of you really know me…

I want a Shed.

It could be a potting shed… but I want it to be even more then that.

I want a chandelier in it!

Okay, I’ll settle for a pretty lamp.

So I came across two women who blog about their sheds!

Who knew there were others like me???

Okay, now you see I am on a roll as I stroll through

New and Different “Topics Land!”

I come across a young gal talking about a Happiness Jar.

Every day she is going to write down  ONE THING  that made her happy.

So when New Year’s Eve  Dec. 31, 2015 comes around…

she will have written 365 occurrences that made her happy.

How cool is that!


Then I met a woman who wrote her very first post for her Brand New Blog.

I should tell her about The Happiness Jar as that would be a very special occurrence to put in her jar.

My first homework assignment was fun and uplifting.

It made me think and wonder and smile.

Iphone13 shower 013

This Blogging Thing…is quite a “community” and we should all be proud we can be apart of it.

Oh geeze… there goes the bell… got to run!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Nancy from Two Trails One Road~

© Nancy at Two Trails One Road, 2013-2014 and 2015.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.

12 thoughts on “Homework Can Be Fun!

  1. How fun! I have some goals for this year, perhaps I should find some like-minded bloggers to add to my own list of terrific bloggers! I am sure I could learn a lot. Thanks for sharing this marvelous idea.

    1. I have to say… it was fun to reach out to others and to branch out from my comfort zone.
      I also want to say… I have learned how to add widgets and videos because of Blogging University!
      Thanks for coming over and saying hello! 🙂

    1. I have seen one and that has stuck with me. It was absolutely gorgeous! I guess it would be a big play house for me. HA HA
      My sweet, sweet man is looking into building one for me.
      Crossing my fingers! 😀

  2. Nancy I did Blogging 101 and 201, or parts there of, last year and found it very helpful. I have been amazed at the international community out there. Happy blogging and happy exploring!

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