A Fun Get-A-Way


Cottonwood, AZ

My sweet, sweet man and I

set off for a get away!

We enjoyed shopping and eating in Cottonwood, AZ.

We ate at this cute little diner.



After lunch we headed towards Prescott, AZ.

The road twisted back and forth but we saw some incredible views.






The clouds in the above pictures were so beautiful I had to share them with you.

As we got closer to Prescott which is a higher elevation…

 we saw snow.



In Prescott we antiqued and then went to our favorite Craft Beer Establishment.

Prescott Brewing Co.

So many wonderful choices…
We could not make up our mind…

IMG_1864  Dinner was great! IMG_1865

After dinner and beers we stayed at St. Michael Hotel. source: http://www.roadtripamerica.com/forum/content.php?920-Hotel-St-Michael-Prescott-Arizona

The elevator is one of the oldest working elevators in Arizona.

IMG_1874  IMG_1869

It was fun going up to the third floor!


The next morning we had  breakfast at the Hotel Restaurant.



What a great way to start the day!


Thank You for Visiting Two Trails One Road!

Please go see Mark and the Diner Mural he wrote about on his blog.


It reminded me of The Diner we went to in Cottonwood.

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35 thoughts on “A Fun Get-A-Way

  1. Nancy I love the vibrant colors in the photos of the car and the gas station. Wow! Those views o nth road are amazing and then like icing on the cake some snow! We love to share the white stuff. 🙂

  2. We loved Cottonwood! It was a great place to stay and see all the surrounding sites. We ended up staying ten days and went into “town” several times. I loved the Olive Oil/Vinegar shop. We’ve only visited Prescott on a motorcycle trip and hope to return soon with the MH. Sure looks like you had a nice little honeymoon trip:) It’s always good to recharge.

  3. Nancy – great post! And what a great trip you had – I want to travel with YOU guys! We were in Arizona once, to Phoenix, the only thing I remember about it is getting stuck in a hailstorm which TORE UP our rental car. We vowed to never return…. but those SLIDERS! They SPEAK to me. 🙂

    1. We have been to Prescott a few times. We really enjoy it.
      Jerome has it’s own quirky way! I love the art boutiques that line the streets of Jerome.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So I read your comment about a post I did on Blogging 101…the last day….and decided to come on over and visit your site. What an absolute surprise as I scrolled down and there was my favorite burger place in Cottonwood Arizona. I remember when they first opened. They only sold burgers, fries, soda, and offered water.
    There really was no ordering, only in the amount of them you wanted!
    Have eaten there many times and what a nice surprise! THank you. Now I must return and see where else our paths have crossed, besides Blogging 101 and Cottonwood Arizona!

  5. Love the colour, but love so many of your photos. Very, very inspiring! Am being a bit lazy putting comments on one post, but Re: butterflies – a long tme ago, I had a butterfly and moth club, where a friend and I chased butterfiles around the garden at 8 years old or so. We were even able to buy chloroform- which we didnt use on respective siblings… so ..er the butterflies became a bit of a science experiment. We gave up such practice a very very long time ago……

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