Montezuma Castle

Montezuma's Castle...Arizona
Montezuma’s Castle…Arizona

My sweet, sweet man and I decided it was time for an adventure…

So we headed to Montezuma’s Castle.

(by the way… The Highlighted “Montezuma’s Castle” words… right above…

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Montezuma’s Castle (a cliff dwelling) is a National Monument and was built by the Sinagua People .


A lovely place to visit.

As you walk and tour the lovely area you will see Beaver Creek.


The  Sinagua People lived  by and utilized this creek for food and travel.

You are unable to go inside Montezuma’s Castle…

but here is a model of what it may have looked like when The Native Americans were living there.


At the top of the Cliff Dwelling there was always someone standing to keep watch.

After touring we went inside the gift shop and I saw this which I found quite interesting!



As we left the parking lot we noticed more smaller dwellings which are prominent around the area…


 These areas were used for storage but also to protect their elders. The elders were tucked away from the busier Cliff  Dwellings but  the elders were also there for keeping an eye out for danger and would alert the others.

Close by is Montezuma Well .

Montezuma Well (taken with my iphone)


Here there is a long walking trail.

You are able to climb down to the Outlet.

The outlet at Montezuma Well which is fairly warm in temperature.
Pretty fern like plants growing on the edge of the outlet.

Down at the outlet we were able to see Beaver Creek again…


What goes down must go back up…




The following picture gives you an idea of how far back the rooms go inside some of these dwellings.

You can see another room and who knows if there are any more rooms back there??


A few ducks swimming on the well.


After viewing Montezuma Well we decided it was time to eat lunch.

When in Camp Verde, Arizona

I highly recommend going to…

IMG_2058We have eaten here a few times and have never been disappointed.

They are known for their BBQ!

Inside Babe’s Round-Up BBQ.

I had their Thursday Special Green Chili Pork Burrito which we split.

The server will split it for you which is very nice.


Thank You so much for stopping by.


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25 thoughts on “Montezuma Castle

  1. We’ve never stopped but have driven past the exit many a time. Looks interesting. Thanks for the heads up on the restaurant. We’ll keep it in mind for our I-17 travels.

    1. Oh, living here in Arizona… you will not believe the cliff dwellings and Native American ruins. In fact My sweet, sweet man is going to map out where some ruins are and we are going to 4 wheel drive back to them.

  2. Nancy, I love the Southwest, when I am there, I get a very magical and spiritual feeling, from the landscape, the ruins, the pictographs and petroglyphs. We visited Montezuma Castle many years ago… it is really nice to see it again through your photographs. Enjoy all those beautiful places!💝

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