A Special Sunset

Valentine’s Day has been spent two different ways since I started my blog.

The first Valentine’s Day was spent HERE

That was a fabulous evening!

 This past Valentine’s Day was just as fabulous…

We went up on Look Out Hill.

One of our very favorite places to watch the sunset.

We were not the only ones watching the sunset on Valentine’s Day.

IMG_1753 - Copy - Copy10994055_1535194420074700_2525241099018425539_n - Copy

We took a pizza and some wine and we watched the sky change over a few hours.

It was breathtaking!

Watch along with us…

IMG_1777 - Copy - Copy
The sunset…

After the sun set the sky turned magical!

IMG_1788 - Copy - Copy

IMG_1793 - Copy - CopyThen the sky turned crimson…

It was unbelievable!

IMG_1798 - Copy - CopyHope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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30 thoughts on “A Special Sunset

    1. Thank You! But most of all… thank you for coming over for a visit. I would have poured you a glass of wine…but… I can’t as this is virtual. 😉 😉 😀

      1. Woo Hoo!! Thanks for coming by!! Well, I am coming over to see you very soon… but I am in Florida now and am about to photograph a sunset here!! Talk with you soon over at your place!

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