2nd Day B&W Photo Challenge and Wordless Wednesday

Christmastime2014yarnell2 120 - Copy

On this second day of the B&W Photo Challenge

I challenge Cindi over at


(Only if you want, Cindi.)

Cindi has lots of stories to share with her beautiful photos.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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18 thoughts on “2nd Day B&W Photo Challenge and Wordless Wednesday

    1. I am! I was just over at your place. I was going to challenge you! HA HA HA By the way… I really wanted fish and chips. But you were not home! 😛

    1. That is cool that you have family who worked for Texaco.
      This was taken in Yarnell, AZ. Right across the street from this station is where Yarnell lost 19 firemen (Hotshots they are called) in that horrible fire called the Yarnell Hill Fire. That fire was the sixth deadliest fire ever in the U.S. I am going to do a post on this one day.

  1. Gorgeous, Nancy!

    Thanks for thinking of me. Now to wander through my photos and see if anything’s appropriate. Years ago (when I had a film camera) I experimented with black and white film. I scanned a couple of the results before I moved to Norway; I think one of those might work? It will probably be after the weekend is over; I’ll let you know when I get something up!

    1. Go about it at your leisure. I actually took the day off of blogging yesterday as it was a spa day for me. I am about to post another black and white image today.
      It has been fun to see how these images change once the black and white overtakes them. I am enjoying this challenge! HAVE FUN!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! 🙂

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