Brrr… It was Cold!

I know, I know… I live in the Desert and my blood is thin!

But I am telling you… IT WAS COLD!

I have snow clouds to prove it!

Arches and Bryce 228
Snow Clouds looming as we drive from Arches National Park to Bryce Canyon.


The drive to Panguich, Utah was a bit nerve racking with snow, high winds and dropping temperatures. We made it to Panguich just fine but the low temperatures made us wonder if snow was going to be on the ground the next morning.

That night when I looked out from our hotel window I saw this.

Arches and Bryce 276
Hoping for good weather for Bryce.

There’s some red there, right??   Red skies at night, sailors delight?? Wishful thinking??

The next morning…

As we went for breakfast… the car temp said 13 DEGREES!

Frost was on the window!


I was shivering!



Oh, but don’t you worry…

Everything was going to be alright…

Temps were warming up, sun was shining and then the beauty began.

Please click on an image and begin the fabulous tour of Bryce Canyon! Warning lots of pictures… but well worth it!

Thank You So Much For Visiting!

Happy Friday!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

40 thoughts on “Brrr… It was Cold!

  1. Even though you may have been cold, I think you lucked out with the snow…. beautiful contrast between the stunning red rock and brilliant white snow. I must see how we can fit a stop to Bryce Canyon into our schedule 🙂

    1. Oh… we want to go to Zion one day as well. One day, Someday! Thank you for lovin’ my photos! I just love taking pictures and having fun with them.

    1. You got that right! Thanks for coming over and enjoying the pictures. Even with my silliness and dramatic overtures! HA HA HA

    1. Enticing … I love it! Thank you!! Am I enticing you to come out this way?? I sure hope so! If not I will be driving down to Southern OHIO to have a cup of coffee when I am out in the Midwest this summer!

      1. I’m smack dab in the middle of Ohio but we are still in negotiations to head out west…will let ya know 🙂 Either way it’s coffee time somewhere!

  2. Cold start, hot finish, Nancy. Come on, you’re from Cleveland. A 13º morning should be nothing to you. 🙂 Holy cow, how beautiful your photos are here. Wonderful Bryce Canyon work. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

    1. I agree! It gave the us the photographers another perspective.
      By the way… I am so grateful for you to take the time to view my photos! Thank You Kindly, sir!

  3. Glad you were able to visit Bryce and hike this early. Two years ago it was still snowing almost every day and in the teens all day. We had to shift our plans around and head there in May. We still got snowed on in May and the trails were closed one day because the clay was too wet and you just sunk in. Love the gorgeous photos. We are hoping to return for at least a couple days in May.

    1. So funny! I have no clue who it is but I wanted to show how big the scene was by making sure the hiker was in the shot! HA HA HA
      Sweet, sweet man was standing right next to me when I took these pictures… so it wasn’t him. 😀 😀

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