Just Hanging Out in the Constellation!

IMG_4120 - Copy

Well… not really!

I was just hanging out on Constellation Rd. in Wickenburg, AZ.

We had a fun day 4-Wheelin’ with friends to the end of Constellation Rd.

This back road is full of Old Mines, Ghost Towns and Old Cemeteries.

We first came to Sayer Springs.

At one time this was  Sayer Springs General Store
At one time this was Sayer Springs General Store
An Old Sign from the General Store…

There is a natural Spring in this area and also a famous grave site for a dog named Rick.

Grave for a dog named Rick.
Grave for a dog named Rick.
Water runs down the rock wall and collects in here. Back in the day this is where theΒ  people got their water.

Hiking in this area was quite fun. We climbed to the top of Sayer Springs!

ConstellationRd 005
You can see Constellation Rd. from this viewpoint.

ConstellationRd 006

ConstellationRd 030So the adventure continued…

We came across an old mining town.


Picnic at the Old Ghost Town.
A cool looking Zebra Lizard came to visit us. His tail curled when he ran.
A cool looking Zebra LizardΒ  came to visit us. His tail curled when he ran.
ConstellationRd 014 - Copy - Copy
Always need to take photos of flowers. A thistle flower being enjoyed by a bee.

Back in the jeep we went where we continued down Constellation Rd.

We were looking for the Monte Cristo Mine.

ConstellationRd 071
The Head Frame of the Monte Cristo Mine. The shaft here goes down 1500 ft. This was a working mine from 1915-1926. At one time there was a 6 ft. vein of gold under there.
IMG_4120 - Copy
I only climbed that high… this place was filled with Very Large Bees! It was extremely sturdy!
ConstellationRd 119
A bee flying in for the nectar of a prickly pear cactus bloom.Β  πŸ˜‰

The back hills of this area was absolutely beautiful!

ConstellationRd 197 - Copy - CopyWe knew there was an old cemetery out here somewhere… where miners were buried.

Some say they died of influenza. I am not really sure.

When we arrived at the cemetery we were amazed of how many graves there were.

Taken with my iphone.
They all were similar to this.

I was a bit overwhelmed and went off by myself for a bit. I said a few prayers but at this moment in time I realized what a hard life these pioneers lived.

I was sitting among these flowers…

ConstellationRd 143

Finding one head frame on a back road trip is amazing but to come across another one… on the same trip… is FABULOUS!

ConstellationRd 166
The Gold Bar Mine…

ConstellationRd 193

ConstellationRd 177

ConstellationRd 202
We were off. That’s us leaving the Gold Bar Mine… The War Wagon Rides again… This Old Jeep has taken us to many places!

We came across this place… no trespassing and private property signs were posted everywhere. It looks like a working stone cottage of some sort.

ConstellationRd 206This old stone building could be part of the Williams Ranch.

The Williams Family Ranch is at the end of Constellation Rd.Β  It’s a working ranch where you can vacation at.Β  So if you want to go to a Dude Ranch… here is the link to the Williams Family Ranch.

I am not endorsing them… just giving information about it to you.

As you turn around and go back up Constellation Rd.

You are left to say goodbye to this fellow…

ConstellationRd 204
Beer Bottle and All out there in the Middle of NOWHERE!

Until Next TimeΒ  ~Nancy

53 thoughts on “Just Hanging Out in the Constellation!

  1. What a trip! I like people who would put a stone out for their dog Rick, Nancy. And I really like seeing the two shots of you! That tower does look sturdy. But the bees would keep me at halfway up the ladder as well. Thanks for sharing the journey with the great Jeep Wagon. Wow, to see all those grave markers. To take that moment of silence was the only thing to do my friend. Indeed.

    1. Mark… Glad you made it over. This desert day was unbelievable because of everything we packed into our day! Check out my All About Me Page… I finally have posted a picture of myself. It took almost a year but I did it!

  2. We were in that town but heck if I remember seeing any of that. I guess we stayed in the main part of town – phooey! I would’ve been all over this!!! Really really like the flower shots.

    1. Tim… I have been out here for almost two years and I have not seen a snake out in the wild. I have seen a dead one on the road here in Anthem but that has been it.
      I am very careful now that it is hot… they are out there lurking!

      1. Rattlesnakes are rarely out in the heat. They are more nocturnal and then like to bask early in the morning to help digest a meal from the night before. Bullsnakes and racers are out in the daylight, but not usually during the heat of the day.

      2. Well, thank you sir! I will remember your wise words. I just know a few months ago while it was still cold… they were all hibernating. Not that it is warmer they have come out of hibernation. So I am more leery and keeping my eyes wide open!

  3. Hey nice trip , really nice photographs … seems like u like adventure trips too … hope u were safe from bees .. enjoyed watching it … nice portrayal too .. and u have good Info about Lizards … ?? .. haha πŸ™‚

  4. Nancy it is such a harsh yet beautiful environment. One can see why the pioneers would have had such a challenging time. It looks like you had a wonderful adventure exploring out there. πŸ™‚

    1. EXPLORING is the perfect word. We do enjoy it. The ghost towns make it so much fun! Did you warm up yet since Lady Liberty left you freezing!

  5. Hi Nancy,

    What a lovely way to spend the day, and your photos make me feel as though I’ve been along for the ride πŸ™‚


    1. Oh… That is a fabulous compliment! Your kind words are greatly appreciated! It was a really fun ride. My sweet, sweet man and I enjoy our time together especially when we are out in the desert.

  6. What a great idea! I think our next four-wheeling trip needs to be a ghost town exploration trip (or something similar :o)….LOVE your thistle flower with the bee!

    1. This is a great ride… Google Constellation Rd. or Monte Cristo Mine in AZ. etc. There are maps an locations of these places. Do your research as some are hard to find. Sweet, sweet man did and it paid off! Thanks for stopping by and enjoying the post. πŸ™‚

  7. We only spent three nights in this area and I can’t wait to return. Between the Jeep roads and hiking trails there is so much to explore. And now you have added new places:) Thanks!! They, also, have a very nice Starbucks in the Safeway:) Sure looks like a fun time exploring. I love that photo of the prickle pear blossom…very cool!!

    1. Thank you kindly madam! Oh boy, I am starting to talk like a cowgirl. It’s a great ride. But you both are seeing some pretty amazing places right now! ENJOY!!

  8. Interesting looking area for exploring. I can understand completely why you’d get upset seeing those humble graves…mining is a tough life anywhere but it looks like this was especially gruelling.

    1. Grueling is the perfect word for mining. The whole area was beautiful and interesting! Thank you for spending some time viewing this post. πŸ™‚

  9. Thank you Nancy for sharing this journey with us! I love the photos. Flowers are one of my passions. I have visited Monte Cristo Mine. I need to re-add some of your places to my bucket list. I enjoyed your adventure!

    1. Thank You So Much For Coming Along For The Ride! So you were at Monte Cristo Mine… How neat is that. There are some great trails to go exploring… here in AZ. So glad you came over for a visit! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. We have an older Grand Cherokee that we take into the desert and it can climb pretty well. We don’t care if it gets “desert pin striping.” We also have a newer Grand Cherokee Laredo. It can handle it as well… but we don’t want “desert pin striping” on that! Hope you find a jeep that works for you. The wranglers and rubicons are quite nice!

      1. Got to weigh in on the 4X. I used a 1971 FJ40 LandCruiser for work for years. It took me off road to anywhere. I could put her in first gear and she would just walk her way up or down anything. No skid plates, heavy, and a low center of gravity so she was exceptionally stable. While finding one of those very oldie sweetheart Landcruisers is very difficult..the point of this post is that Landcruiser has continued to make great off road vehicles, and if you can locate a used one it is well worth the price for safety and ability to explore safely.

  10. Oh that looks like a great day. Nothing better than leaving the pavement. You got me on this one. Never heard of the place. It’s a big state. We must explore every inch of it. Great post. Thank you.

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