The Amish and a Sunroom…

Spring at the Lake House in Pennsylvania

This picture was taken a few years ago.  The trees would blossom so beautifully if the winter was not harsh. The tulips and forget me nots were planted by my Momma.  Quite a lovely place…however… the harsh winters had taken a toll on the trees, bushes and the Atrium/Sunroom.

Therefore… it was time to clean up the back yard from all the dead trees and bushes.  And  something had to be done with the Atrium/Sunroom. Many days  in July we spent nights burning all of the trees and bushes that sweet, sweet man and I  trimmed, cut down or pulled out during the day.

This little burner came in very handy for all the yard waste that we needed to get rid of.

We made it fun with a few adult beverages and reminisced of our younger years as music from the 60’s and 70’s played in the background.

It took a lot of those nights to get that back yard looking good again.

But… the thorn in the garden of Eden was the Atrium/Sunroom. It needed replaced. My Mom and Dad added this on to the Lake House several years ago. THEY LOVED THIS ROOM! The replacement of this room was very emotional to me but also to my siblings. Many memories were made inside this room which was adjacent to a dining room.

However, it needed to come down. It leaked like a sieve and icicles formed inside it during the winter.

Right before tear down…

Sweet, sweet man climbed a ladder and begun the process. I was on the ground. We were a TEAM!  He figured out how to take this thing  apart and then…

once we started there was no turning back.

He took out each window, one at a time and then handed them to me. 7 windows across and 4 rows of them. Not counting the sides.



Only one window broke!

Then sweet, sweet man took a special saw to each piece of aluminum. Some were easy to cut and some were not… but after two days this is what we had.


We loaded all the aluminum up and took it to the scrap yard.

There goes the Atrium...
There goes the Atrium…
The delivery truck came which was full of construction materials…

Then came…

The Amish! Our Construction Crew!

IMG_6223I took this one and only picture of them…

(THEY DO NOT LIKE THEIR PICTURES TO BE TAKEN! They feel that photographs are “graven images.”  Some do not mind if their picture is taken as long as they do not pose for it. )

The Amish along with sweet, sweet man built the new Sunroom.

This is hammer and nails construction. A nail gun was not used here. This frame was built down on the ground and then pushed up and into place. IT WAS EXTREMELY HEAVY!

IMG_6344 IMG_6337

By the way… The Amish did use electricity for their saws. They will use electricity as long as they don’t “own” it.  And if you will plug it in for them.

Construction by the Amish is fabulous! They are meticulous and their work ethic is amazing!  But they do take their time and will come on their schedule. They have farms to attend to and auctions to go to and other construction jobs going on at the same time.

Oh yes… they will come to your job site on horse and buggy but my Amish Men lived one hour away. So I was their taxi cab.  I got to pick them up every morning and take them home every evening. (I have a van at the Lake House.)

Those one hour rides back and forth with Elmer and the gang was such a delight.  They spoke a combination of Pennsylvania dutch which is a dialect of the German language and a bit of the English language thrown in as well. (They have an accent when they do speak English.) Our conversations were about their Amish Life and how they saw the English (that’s us.) I met all of their families and was  invited into their homes.

I ate their  famous donuts as well.

These were still warm… melted in my mouth… bigger then a coffee saucer. OH MY WORLD DELICIOUS!

Don’t you worry… I worked off the calories from the donuts.

I stained every piece of tongue and groove boards for the ceiling and all the wood for the window frames and all the trim.

Inside the garage and my staining station!


Our summer was  lots of hard work, Amish Taxi Rides, donut eating, fires, beers, work permits, sawing, nail pounding, staining and painting.

Oh and sweet, sweet man and I bonded! (That’s a inside giggle for he and I!)


the end result was worth it!



Look at that ceiling!! And those window sills are 8 inches wide! Floor will be put in this summer.

A lot more memories will have to be made here in the new sunroom.

Daddy is looking down and is smiling!

Hanging out with the Amish was very interesting!

Picture was taken with my iphone using the Simply HDR App.

If you wish to read and learn a little  about the Amish…

Click on the links below.

Amish Out Of Order Facts

The Amish

More About the Amish

It’s good to be back in  blogosphere!

I did a few more things this past summer (when the Amish did not report for duty!)

So please stay tuned!

I will slowly be coming around to your neck of the woods to see what All of you have been up too. I have missed ALL OF YOU!! Please have a pot of coffee on. I like to hang around and chat!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

38 thoughts on “The Amish and a Sunroom…

    1. Hi Tim! Oh those donuts WERE UNBELIEVABLE!!
      I will be over to see your amazing photos very soon.
      I thought of your roses when my Mom’s roses bloomed this summer. She planted them almost 50 years ago!

  1. The new sunroom is beautiful!! Great job with staining the wood. The Amish are super workers. We lived about 30 mins from Lancaster, PA where there are very large communities of Amish and Memmonites of all the various sects. How nice that you were their taxi driver:) I would love to have been there for the conversations and the donuts!!!

    1. Elmer had such a great sense of humor. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him and the whole crew. Those donuts… were unbelievable!!!
      Thank You for reading about the Sunroom. It was a labor of love for us. I can’t wait to get the floor in and to decorate it. I will be by soon to see what YOU TWO have been up too very soon!

    1. What a sweet thought that is… yes we have already made memories!
      We found the Amish through a contractor. The Amish are at the Ohio/Pennsylvania line. They are always looking for work.
      By the way… I will be over to your blog shortly. I need to see what you have been up to!

    1. HI SUE! Gosh… I have a lot of catching up to do with you. The last I remember you were biking in Peru! That was spectacular! I will be reading your posts soon!
      And don’t eat too close to bed time… you will have crazy dreams!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    The lake house has an entirely new, brighter appeal and, to my eye, the new sunroom looks twice the size of the old one. What a wonderful transformation and top effort by all workers involved. I’m sure you are very proud of everyone’s efforts.


  3. What an amazing summer! The sweet man and you did real good!

    The do and don’t of Amish rules are so interesting. As is the ‘getting around’ them as to benefit from the modern, without violating their restrictions. Quite a unique step into another culture you experienced.

    And then there is the new sun-room! The ceiling is gorgeous, and everything looks so well constructed.

    Looks to me like being ‘unplugged’ for the summer was a most excellent good thing!

    Looking forward to hearing more. Glad you are back. That sure was quite a visit yesterday!
    My very best to you!

    1. Well, we had a lot to catch up on. And you had the stereo playing while we chatted! 😉
      I will be the first to tell you that the Amish know how to work around their own restrictions. They are not allowed to have phones but used my cell phone to conduct some of their business. (They didn’t own it!)
      Thank you for coming over to my neck of the woods. And once the dust settles we should try to meet up for a cup of coffee.

  4. The finished sunroom looks amazing! I really enjoyed learning about your experience with the Amish contractors. And now I’m ready to go find some doughnuts! Here in the south hot Krispy Kreme will have to do!

  5. I just finished my coffee and could almost taste that donut looking at the photo. I’m sure this summer was an amazing experience, and you probably could write ten posts on it. Bottom line is the new construction looks wonderful. Here’s to all those new memories. 🙂

  6. What a great summer project, Nancy. You and the sweet, sweet man hit a home run. The addition looks fantastic. Good job on the staining! I love the ceiling very much.

    And wow, you learned a bunch from your Amish crew, too, about their lives and ways and the way you fit into it. 🙂

    I’m so gad to have seen what you were up to at the Lake House this summer. And I think you are right. Dad is looking down at the new sunroom with a big smile. ❤

    1. Oh Mr. Mark… glad you came over to look. I am loving the ceiling! I can’t wait to decorate! You would have had fun chatting with my Amish Crew! And yes… Daddy is happy!

  7. Wow! What a summer you’ve had, Nancy! And what a treat to be able to work with and be involved with the Amish people—I would have so loved that. And those donuts! I would eat a half dozen on my own! I love your new sunroom too. What a wonderfully productive summer you’ve had. Great blog post. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :))

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