ICEBERG! Straight Ahead!



We took a cruise to ALASKA at the end of August and it was AMAZING!

Our weather was perfect!

We cruised to Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway and Victoria, Canada.

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One morning we awoke in the wee hours to go up on deck to view  our passing through a fjord. I was truly amazed of the beauty and the stillness of the fjord.

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Whale Watching and Eagle Sightings were a delight to witness.

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Glaciers were a beautiful sight along with waterfalls.

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When in Skagway we took the wilderness train to Canada. Once again I was in awe over the vast beauty of this state.

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This cruise was simply amazing and I would highly recommend it.

The State of Alaska has an abundance of beauty!

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57 thoughts on “ICEBERG! Straight Ahead!

  1. Oh, Alaska! I love this post! Your photos are amazing. Our trip to Alaska two years ago was unforgettable. If it wasn’t so far from home I would return in a heartbeat!

    1. Meeeee tooooo! I would return in a heartbeat is what I have said to many people.
      By the way… when I was in Alaska… I thought of your posts that you shared of Alaska. They were fabulous.
      Thank You So Much for enjoying Alaska with me all over again!

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed my Alaska posts. It’s been two years since we returned from Alaska and I still think about it almost every day! And I have bored many people with tales of our adventures!

  3. Definately on my list of things I want to do! Your great photos just reinforce that – am always amazed how those trees can just grow out of rock that way😳

    1. I always say… if there is a will there is a way! HA HA HA HA I am glad you enjoyed this post. I would go back to Alaska in a heartbeat! Hope you can get to go.

  4. Wow, Nancy, now that’s what I call a fabulous vacation! What a beautiful state. An Alaskan cruise has been on our list for quite some time. Hopefully, we can make it happen one of these days! What cruise line did you use and would you recommend them? 🙂

    1. Princess Cruise Line. We have cruised with Princess several times. Very happy with them. I will say… MAKE SURE you do the Train in Skagway. That was breathtaking!

    1. THANK YOU! It was and thank you for your kind words. That makes me very proud as you are quite the photographer!
      It was an amazing place to visit.

  5. We need to get to Alaska but not in our MH. Your photos are sooo beautiful. I drool every time some goes there. I think a cruise, a train, and a rental RV are the way to do this trip and save our MH. Sure looks like you had a fabulous time with the weather looked lovely:)

    1. The weather was perfect. Think about Early September even late August. It was cool enough to hike and just needed a fleece! Make it a must! LOVED IT!

    1. This was a cruise with the Princess Cruise Line. Not a river cruise. That big huge ship can go through those narrow fjords. It was a fabulous way to see Alaska! Yes, the train ride was an excursion. I highly recommend the cruise and that train ride excursion.

    1. I believe to be quite technical this was a large chunk off of a glacier. I was quoting the line from the movie Titanic. I tend to be a bit humorous with some of my posts. 😉

  6. I have never taken this cruise, but I’ve only heard fabulous things about it! And your slideshows show that it was no less than amazing. What spectacular scenery! I especially love the way the mountains rise out of the sea and the beautiful tonal gradation of the receding mountains. Your wonderful photos show off so many of the beautiful vistas and scenery. I’ve taken one Princess Cruise and it was a first-rate experience and a beautiful vessel. Wonderful post, Nancy. I enjoyed it thoroughly. :))

    1. Thank you so much for enjoying the cruise right along with me. Alaska was spectacular. We were on the Ruby Princess and it was first rate. We were catered to like royalty.

  7. Talk about natural grandeur! It’s kind of breathtaking. I’m not sure I’d be much good as a companion on a cruise like that. I have a feeling I might be permanently in a state of awed silence everywhere I went.

    1. Oh what a trip this was. A cruise where you are pampered and then the gorgeous sights. Purrrfect!
      And it was right after all of our hard work building the sunroom!

  8. Alaska, as you might have read in my blog [even if I got stuck at day 4 and haven’t written a word about the following days yet], was another trip last year which was handicapped by my wife’s knee. We enjoyed a lot those few things we coud do, among those a 92-mile guided bus ride through Denali NP, but we surely need to go back. Especially as we couldn’t ride a bicycle there ans therefore Alaska is still a blank in our list of the states we have bicycled at least 10 miles in.

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