Do you recognize this famous lamp??

At Christmas Time in Cleveland, Ohio they are spotted all over.

I found this one in a Cleveland restaurant. I am in town visiting family.

The famous leg lamp is from the movie A Christmas Story.

Do you remember when the Father was opening the crate and he said…


Cleveland is proud of this movie as many scenes were filmed in Cleveland.

The Christmas Story House is located in Tremont, a Cleveland suburb.

Here is the house from a scene in the movie.


Here is the house today.


The house is opened all year round for touring.

Have you seen “A Christmas Story?”

Here is the Trailer for it. Enjoy!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

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      1. I will be back in AZ! Yahoo… Even though I have enjoyed my time here in Ohio/Pennsylvania. Got to see family and lots of friends. And that is what the Holidays are all about. Plus… An added feature was NO SNOW and warm temps!

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