Monochrome Monday~ Edinboro Lake

Made this aged look on Pic Monkey.

Monochrome Monday!

This is the little lake where I grew up.

I learned how to swim, drive a boat, ski, fish and ice skate on this lake.

Because of this lake… I had an outstanding childhood!

Edinboro Lake is in Pennsylvania about 20 miles south of Lake Erie.

It is a 245 acre lake and maximum depth is 30 ft.

Two free boat launches and unlimited horsepower for boats makes this an ideal place for water skiing, jet skis and also pontoon boats.

Fishing is prime with large and small mouth bass, crappie, walleye, blue gill and small perch.

Do you have a favorite childhood place?

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

13 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday~ Edinboro Lake

    1. Ha ha ha ha! So true for most years. They have only had about 8 inches so far this year. Compared to last year Edinboro had about 80 inches by now. Happy New Year my friend!

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