2015 was a Very Good Year


2015 was a fabulous year for sweet, sweet man and I.

Can you believe it’s already the last day of the year??

I thought I just talked about 2014…  yesterday!

In 2015 our adventures led us to spectacular places.

Below I share with you a collage of these places. You may remember some of theses pictures from past posts.

Bryce Canyon, Florida, Constellation Rd., The Lunar Eclipse, Alaska, Antelope Canyon, Walnut Creek, Watson Lake in Prescott, Horseshoe Bend and Monument Valley.

However, It’s not all about Us.

Here at Two Trails One Road we wish nothing but the best for all of you and for Our World. Please continue to Pray for World Peace and

Let Us All Have A Happy New Year!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

33 thoughts on “2015 was a Very Good Year

    1. Happy New Year Clare! You and your husband have had a fabulous 2015! Going to follow you through 2016 as well to watch you both see fabulous places!

  1. Happy New Year to you Nancy! I am praying with you for world peace. It’s the one thing we all have freedom and power to do. It is easy to turn a wish into a prayer. It’s all about being mindful! If enough of us band together in prayer for protection, peace, favor…, we will see this world change!! Prayer can remove curses and usher in blessings! Let’s be BLESSED!💝

  2. What a lovely year indeed. Just a big thank you for sharing your journeys. You have such an excellent website just bursting with good times, and a photographic talent to match.
    May 2016 surprise and delight you!

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