There’s Nothing Like Finding Gold!


Arizona is a place full of rocks and minerals!

Here is a specimen of Fluorite that I found here in Arizona.


But here it is under U-V Light.

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It fluoresces!

Gold does not fluoresce but it’s a mineral that likes to shine!

Sweet, sweet man and I belong to a Prospecting Club as well as a Rock Club.

Yuuup… I’m a Prospector!

Picture of us from our Daisy Mountain Rock and Mineral Show!

Prospecting for Gold is not easy. But it is fun!

We get to go out into our amazing desert!

Do you see a Donkey?? It is always there.  I zoomed in on it and it looks like someone put a statue of a donkey up there.  I am still not quite sure! I need to zoom in better next time I am there.

First off sweet, sweet man looks at his maps to find out where our Prospecting Club Claim Posts are located.


Once we find our Prospector’s Club Claim… we can dig!

First off we have to get out our equipment.

A drywasher, a vacuum, buckets, and shovels.

Sweet, sweet man then digs in a certain area. I vaccum up the light sand and dirt in the area.

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Yes… he does the hard work…I just take pictures!  πŸ˜‰
The big stuff falls away… and we make sure large nuggets are not escaping. (HA HA HA  never saw a nugget out here!!)

However, gold is heavy and it will collect in the bottom of the drywasher.

The blower is attached to the drywasher to make it vibrate so that rocks, dirt, sand filter out and gold filters in.


Then after a morning of prospecting the area is put back together again to show respect to the claim and to the land.


We head back home…

Where sweet, sweet man pans for gold in our back yard. Remember the red and gray bins… He pans through all of it to get to the “black sand.”

The Black Sand is where you will find the gold. All the other dirt and sand washes out of the pan. Remember when I said Gold is heavy? Well it is… it stays at the bottom of the pan.
Here he is using a snuffer bottle. It collects the gold.


This is just a small portion of what we found that day.

The larger pieces are called “pickers!”

We have found Gold as big as half the size of my pinkie fingernail.

Why do we do it… you ask?

Cause we have FUN!!  It gets us 4-wheeling into the desert!


Even better yet… at the end of the day we always enjoy one of these!


Have you ever found GOLD?  Do you like to Rock Hound?

Until Next Time  ~Nancy


40 thoughts on “G-O-L-D!

  1. Oh Nancy…that is just the best coolest fun thing you are doing. I do love the rocks. But never have I pursued them with the gusto you do.

    A really delightful post that really put me in the midst of a really fun day engaged in an activity I know nothing about, but am learning fast about.

    Thank you.

    1. Oh… it’s an adventure! Especially when a tarantula popped out of a hole the other day. I jumped 40 feet into the sky.
      Now I know, I know… they are not harmful. But it’s that sudden pop of movement and not knowing what it is for a moment that gets to me.

      1. I’d jump 40 feet into the sky (won’t know how to land safely). πŸ˜€ What a thrill of finding G-O-L-D!!!

  2. Never found gold..but the whole thing is rather fascinating. It looks like a good time///especially if you find enough to cover your beer costs at the end. Cheers!

  3. Wow Nancy,

    Two types of gold – Solid AND Liquid – and now I’m wondering which one you enjoyed finding the most πŸ™‚


    1. Yes…it is a fun time! and YES we do find snakes but when the temps are higher. Right now they are hibernating. So they just need to not be disturbed!! Best time to Rock Hound and Gold Mine is in the winter!

  4. Sounds like a lot of work but fun at the same time especially when you find a little treasure. Great reason to explore the backcountry πŸ™‚

    1. HA HA HA HA It’s something different that’s for sure. But being in the back country… and getting out with nature… ALL GOOD!
      And the adult libations at the end of the day… icing on the cake! πŸ™‚

  5. I love rocks! I think prospecting would be fun. If we ever settle in Arizona I will be joining a cactus club and a rockhound club. I can’t wait!! Thanks for sharing your day prospecting:)

    1. There are so many Rockhounding Clubs in Arizona because I just found out recently that there are 12,000+ mining claims in the state. We just went to one recently and found beautiful Purple Agate! It’s by Sheep Bridge. The purple agate when sliced and then polished… WHOA! I also enjoy wire wrapping these gorgeous finds! I have many pretty pendants because of this new found hobby!
      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Do you have the equipment to cut and polish your own rocks? I can remember getting our son one of those rock polishing sets for Christmas when he was very young. It was so cool to see the beautiful rocks come out. I did roam around an area owned by the Rock and Mineral Club in Boulder City, NV on our way out to the Anniversary Slot. It was overwhelming just looking at the pretty rocks lying under my feet as I walked.

      2. We do tumble rocks to polish them. Sweet, sweet man has saws to cut larger rocks. And we have friends who can polish larger rocks. It is unbelievable what can be done to these rocks we find!!

  6. I dare not let my husband read this post. He loves to watch prospecting shows. One year we allowed him to pick the vacation (when the kids were younger) and he wanted to go gold hunting. It was a bit of a disaster. Although I love the desert and I love being outside this would not be my choice for an afternoon but he would absolutely love it. Good that you found some gstuff. Sounds like you had a great time. I’ll wait for you at the bar!

    1. I am giggling reading your comment. I don’t think I would want to make this a vacation event! HA HA HA But we do enjoy getting out in the back country… once a week, if we are lucky. The views are incredible!
      As for waiting for me at the bar… perfect! We will chat up a storm! HA HA HA

    1. Well… I can’t put a dollar amount on it. But there was more added to this amount. Let’s just say… We aren’t going to get rich from this. Ha ha ha !!

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