Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Have you ever had it??

You must try it.

I think it is the best hot chocolate I have ever had.

Here are the ingredients that you need.

Milk, 1 tablet of Mexican Chocolate, and a cinnamon stick. You can purchase Abuelita at the grocery store.

Measure out 4 cups of milk.


Then put the milk on the stove on medium heat with the cinnamon stick.

This is a Mexican whisk called a molinillo. I use it to make the Hot Chocolate.

I have two Molinillos.

Mine are vintage but they can be purchased on Amazon and specialty kitchen stores.

The whole tablet is very hard. Many people break it up with a hammer.


I grated mine.


Add the chocolate to the warm milk and let the chocolate melt.

As you can see I also use a regular whisk.  You need to stir continuously and get a froth at the top.

When all the chocolate has melted and it is frothy pour it into a cup.


I of course added the whip cream!


Happy Friday Funday!

Enjoy your weekend!

Until Next Time  ~Nancy


37 thoughts on “Mexican Hot Chocolate!

  1. Looks good, but it is different from the Spanish chocolate we make. Our chocolate is more like a pudding. It sort of pours when it’s hot, but firm when cold. I stir whipped cream in to cold Spanish chocolate and it becomes like chocolate mousse.

    1. I am going to make this again in the blender and see how thick it can get. I really would love to try your Spanish hot chocolate! Can you send some through the monitor, please.

      1. You probably need to add cornstarch to your milk, then add the chocolate to get it to come out thicker.

        Here’s our recipe for the Spanish Chocolate. This is for a large batch that will make about 2 gallons. Adjust the proportions to the amount you want to make. It freezes well if you want to do a large batch.

        1 gallon whole milk
        5 pounds semi-sweet chocolate chips (Ghirardelli or Kirkland are good)
        1 cup corn starch

        Use a thick bottomed stock pot or sauce pan to cook the chocolate.

        Heat the milk and slowly add the corn starch so it doesn’t clump.
        Melt the chocolate and add it to the milk with cornstarch.
        Stir the mixture constantly over a medium heat until the chocolate is thick and just starts to boil (it takes over an hour at 5000 feet, so it may take much less time if you are at a lower altitude).
        Remove from heat and eat it hot.
        Cover any remaining chocolate with parchment or wax paper right on the chocolate and allow to cool. The parchment paper will keep it from forming a skin on top of the chocolate as it cools.

        We freeze leftover chocolate in 1/2 cup containers, and once they are frozen, remove the chocolate from the containers and put the frozen chocolate bars in freezer bags so they take up less space in the freezer. Thaw at room temperature in a bowl or defrost in the microwave.

      2. WOW! Thank You So Much! The corn starch is an awesome idea! We are at 2000 ft. elevation so it might be easier to melt the chocolate!

    1. It is sooooooo good. I am going to try the blender version next time. It is suppose to get thicker and more frothy that way. Oh… and this was the only Mexican Chocolate I could find at all the local stores… including Walmart!

    1. So “Grandmother”… you like tequila instead?? I have both hot chocolate and tequila at my house. I like tequila over ice. Nice and smooth….

      1. Allergic to chocolate… Oh my!
        As for tequila… That’s nice.
        Every time I translated Abuelita… I got grandmother. The reason I said grandmother up above in my comment. Ha ha ha !

  2. Definitely Hot Chocolate Season. Gonna give this a try. My Mom made a hot chocolate that was so thick and rich – sounds a lot like Spanish chocolate. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. And the tip on the Molinilos – gotta get one of those (just when I thought I had every kitchen gadget ever!) Love discovering new things.

  3. As a longtime chocolate addict this appeals a lot😋 Never thought of the cinnamon stick for flavour – must try it. A lot of work doing all that grating though.

    1. It actually went quick… But many people do not grate the chocolate.
      The cinnamon does give it some yumminess.
      After a long winter hike or ride… you would love some Mexican hot chocolate!

  4. I love Mexican hot chocolate. We’re had it on a family trip to Oaxaca years ago. The canela is so flavorful and making it frothy makes 8t feel special. I’ve went off dairy last year, but this post brought back memories.

  5. I got a molinillo from Mexico years ago with the intention to try making Mexican Hot Chocolate, but never did. I don’t think I have it anymore. How fun that you made some! We’ve got perfect weather here for that wonderful hot drink. We are going ice skating on the river this weekend and nothing goes better afterwards than a big mug of hot chocolate! :))

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