Heartache Tonight

Rest In Peace Glenn Frey ~  There’s Gonna Be a Heartache Tonight

Click above to listen to the fabulous song…


source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/glenn-frey-guitarist-and-founding-member-of-us-group-the-eagles-dies-at-67-a6820281.html


24 thoughts on “Heartache Tonight

  1. The Eagles have a special place in my heart. Such great music. I’m sad that we won’t have the chance to see Glenn create or perform again.

    FYI, there should be a box to check when you connect links on your blog. That box will open links in a new window, so people can easily come back.


    1. Hmmm. I need to look into that… plus I was up doing this post so late. I am so glad I got it out there in blogoshere. HA HA HA Thank You So Much for the tip!! I am off to figure it all out!

    2. I just went and figured it out! THANK YOU… I see the little box that needs to be checked. And now, because of your kind wisdom, I will know what to do. THANK YOU my friend!

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