What A View Wednesday!

As you can imagine I have been very busy with the remodeling at the Lake House. That remains to be the reason for the lack of posts from little ole me. I also am not being able to read your fabulous posts. I will be back on and reading soon! 

I just had to share my backyard view for what I may just start up on this blog as “What a View Wednesday!” This is a little area I put together for us to sit and rest for a bit. We are able to see this from the new sunroom at the lake house. I took old wicker that was sitting in the garage for years and spray painted it. I bought some pillows and ta-da!  

I hope all of you are enjoying life! We sure are. Remember, it’s the simple things in life that give us great joy! 

Until Next Time  ~Nancy

28 thoughts on “What A View Wednesday!

    1. That’s for sure! However no reading at the moment! Just got done putting the fist coat of sealant on the new hardwood floors at the LakeHouse! We are slowly bringing the house back to shape!

    1. Yes! I like those for the afternoon… And perhaps the next morning mimosas! Thank you for visiting my friend! I sure hope you are enjoying AZ. Did you get away from the heat for a spell??

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