No Friday Flippin’ Here!

The Sunroom is finally completed! Out here in the Keystone State, aka Pennsylvania, we have been asked if we are fixing up the ole homestead and flipping it.  No… is the answer! We are fixing it up to  enjoy it and its surroundings! 

So today I want to share a picture of the Sunroom!  And in a later post I hope to give you the grand tour.

It took 2 summers of hard work to get this sunroom!

Here you are seeing it from the dining room.

We tore down this. 

So glad we did!

I have to thank sweet, sweet man for all the hard work he has done. The list is long of all that he has fixed and repaired! Thank you sweet, sweet man! ❤ 

And a shout out to my sister and brother for helping me get a lot of stuff out of the house a while back! 

Hope your Summer has been grand! Have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend! 

Until Next Time   ~Nancy

43 thoughts on “No Friday Flippin’ Here!

      1. We think we’ll hang in Prescott Sept and Oct and then Phx Nov 1st. But then again, we’re known to changing plans quickly lol. I’d love to visit some of the antique stores in Prescott you told me about.

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous result! I would LOVE to have a place like that. You put a lot of love, time, care and attention into your project and you will reap the benefits for a long time. Wishing you and your sweet man many happy hours together enjoying this beautiful room! Congrats! :)))

  2. Oh did this project turn out beautifully, Nancy. And so tastefully decorated.
    It is good news that you will be able to keep the property and continue to create family times there.
    So very happy for you. And the Sweet Man too! 🐞

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