Simple Pleasures

Two weeks ago we were enjoying the sights of Lake Pleasant in Arizona. Going to this lake is a fun time as it’s close to our home and seeing water in the desert always makes one happy.

Then because Southwest Airlines can get us to our LakeHouse in Pennsylvania in no time… we then experienced this!

Yep… SNOW! We loved it because 1. We did not have to drive in it and 2. It all melted the next day.

Thanksgiving has passed and as I type… I consider all that I am thankful for. Family, friends, good health, and sweet personal love. I personally stopped in my tracks today to feel the “present moment”……. an what an awesome feeling it was/is! My heart was full and that feeling of contentment was REAL!! I won’t give you all the personal details but it all comes down to Simple Pleasures!

Sweet Man built these shelves to store our collections…

Simple Pleasures

…making a cozy fire in your childhood home…

…watching the quail march on your backyard wall…

…watching both your sons smile…

…having sweet man’s 10 point buck keep a watchful eye in our living room at the LakeHouse…

…laughter from our friends and family, in our homes…

…the buzzing of sweet man’s saw…

…chicken soup for The Appetizer…

…a sunset in your backyard…

Simple Pleasures are far better then “materialistic things!”

Waking up feeling content… just press the pause button…

Life is good…

Until Next Time ~Nancy

28 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

    1. Mary… so glad to see you stop by. I have coffee on…

      It is wonderful to be able to enjoy both our homes. Each one gives us joy in its separate ways. Family is close out here in Pa. which makes it special at Holiday time or any time.

      I have really enjoyed your stunning captures of the wild horses. They must love you!

  1. This is a delightful post Nancy. I enjoyed the contrast and for just a moment I was nostalgic for the east coast snow-cover. That was just a moment. A photo/essay that you, Sweet Man, your family, friends, and readers will appreciate for many years coming. Thank you.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the post. It came from my heart and we all need to be reminded that Life is Short! We need to enjoy the special moments!

      Even the snow… just for a moment! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Could you believe your comment landed in my Spam folder???

      THANK YOU for waiting so patiently for your reply!

      It was a quick melt and I am glad to say I am about to leave this cold area for the warmer weather… AZ!!

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