Creamy Blueberry Scones

How many of you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest or a Cook Book and then find a recipe that you just HAVE TO MAKE?!

These scones were on my mind ever since I saw a friend post them on Instagram a few days ago. She was kind enough to also post the recipe.


Therefore I headed over to Pinterest to find the exact recipe illustration from Susan Branch. Do any of you know of her? She illustrates not only her cookbooks but also Inspirational Books. She also has a lovely blog.

Here is Susan’s illustration of her recipe: Cream Scones. I followed it exactly but used Blueberries instead of currants. Source:


Welcome to the LakeHouse Kitchen

I hope you get to bake these soon. They were wonderful!

Until NextTime ~Nancy

20 thoughts on “Creamy Blueberry Scones

    1. Ha! Ha! Isnโ€™t it funny. No we didnโ€™t plan. I did my post then started reading otherโ€™s blog posts in my Reader and there I saw hers! Too funny.

      These scones are quite good. Iโ€™m having one this morning and they are still moist. They did not turn into hockey pucks!

  1. Your scones looks delicious. For a while we made scones every Sunday as a tradition. We don’t make it every Sunday but every once in a while. I made strawberry/spelt scones last Sunday. I love seeing your posts! Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Nancy, these look amazing. I have Susanโ€™s books and just followed her lovely trip. If only I had one of your scones to go with my coffee this morning!

  3. Yum! It’s hard to find scones that aren’t dry. My favorite scones were from a bakery in St. Andrew, Nova Scotia. The owner worked with several recipes to create a moist scone. They were so good and I haven’t found one like it since. Lovely illustrations on your friend’s recipe card:)

    1. Susan Branch is quite a famous author and illustrator. And she shares great recipes!

      These were moist. Thanks for stopping by!

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