Friday Fun and Falling Waters

It’s been a very long time since I shared for my Friday Fun Page!

So why not today!

We are in the Pacific Northwest having family fun… and it’s Sammamish, WA. to be exact.

When the kids are at school… we get out and play! First off a Nature Walk! The trees are colorful and the leaves are falling.

The Trees, consisting mostly of Cedars, Pines, Cypresses, Big Leaf Maples and Cottonwoods are quite large and they create the Rainforest Canopy.

Moss covers many trees and ferns are all over this rainforest floor!

The trees are TALL!

Black Berries grow almost everywhere! Of course they are finished but I found a few still trying to ripen.

We did get out and saw this as we headed to the grocery store. Where we live in Arizona and Pennsylvania… we do not have Charging Stations for cars. Sweet Man decided to get All Charged Up! 😁

We tried getting down to Lake Sammamish but there are so many private properties this is as close as we could get. Supposedly there is a parking lot and an area that we can get closer. It’s a long gorgeous lake and we will try again.

After a few lovely evenings with family we set out and explored again. We went to Snoqualmie first to look at the Snoqualmie Falls. But this is what we saw when we got there.

It was early morning and we knew if we returned later in the day the sun would help with the fog and heavy mist.

We went further down stream of the Snoqualmie River. It was beautiful!

Right outside of Snoqualmie is Mt. Si of the Cascade Range. It has an elevation of 4100 ft.

The Cascade Range welcomes you as you come into Snoqualmie. Mt. Rainer was peeking above the Range!

After eating a darn good lunch at Roadhouse Inn …in a neighboring town, of Falls City. We decided to see if the Falls could be seen. The mist near the front of the park had us quite skeptical.

Then we saw them…

They were a beautiful sight! And quite powerful. It’s 268 ft. tall. It’s a popular tourist attraction and is also remembered appearing in the television show Twin Peaks.

The Snoqualmie Falls is a hydroelectric project ran by Puget Sound Energy. There is an underground hydroelectric power plant and an above ground power plant as well on the property. They supply electric for the region.

Stunning Falls!

The mist was creating a beautiful backdrop for some fun captures!

Enjoy the video of the falls and Happy Friday!

Thank You for joining me for Friday Fun!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

33 thoughts on “Friday Fun and Falling Waters

    1. Sweet man spotted those webs and I jumped right on it! Great to see webs dipped in dew or mist in this case!

      Thanks for coming along. You will enjoy your time here again in the spring!

  1. Looks like you had some sunny weather….heard it got colder and sunnier up there after we left. We had daily rain, but loved it!! We were in Seattle proper (north of University of Washington), where our youngest and her husband bought a home a couple of years ago and then in Lake Stevens where our oldest and her husband just bought a new home. So beautiful up there!!

    Thanks for sharing your great shots with a touch of fall colors!!

  2. Thank you Nancy for the re-visit for me of these beautiful waterfalls. The Captain and I lived in Seattle for several years while I worked for Boeing. Seattle is beautiful and there are so many awesome sights. We particularly love Snoqualmie Falls and if you ever get the chance to see them with snow…it is breathtaking. As far as Mount Rainier…we always considered it a good day, if it was a Rainier view day (sans clouds or fog)

    1. That’s exactly what his daughter said!

      The Falls were incredible! And seeing them in snow must be unbelievable!

      Glad you could relive some memories! 🤗

  3. Gorgeous photos!!! I have good memories of visiting there with family too. This desert girl was surprised at all the moss dripping from trees, the abundance of wild blackberries etc. Did you make any blackberry milkshakes?. Have a great time and safe travels when it is time to return home!

  4. Nancy, you captured some beautiful shots. The falls are quite awesome. We visited Washington and Oregon a couple of years ago, it was beautiful! Thanks for sharing my friend!

    1. Thank you my friend!

      On another note… have you ever roasted chestnuts? I have a yard full and just roasted some. They are sooooo good!

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