Tuesday Tidbits #67 Spring in Our Home

The Hills are Alive here in the Valley of the Sun… just north of Phoenix.

The wild Poppies are blooming along with the Lupines!

So I brought some of those colors of the outside in…

I am loving the cheery yellow throughout our family room and kitchen.

Smiles all around!😊

Part of my honey pot collection…

Spring has arrived here in the desert so why not enjoy those colors inside as well. It’s why I sewed the felt flowers and cacti.

How about the saguaro and barrel cactus!

I am thrilled with how they turned out! These felt accessories have become a new crafting hobby for me.

I just love them! Did you smile yet?
Spring Wildflowers in the desert!
Spring in our home!

Thank you so much for the privilege of your time. And thanks for leaving a comment… I so enjoy them!

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41 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #67 Spring in Our Home

    1. Yellow just evokes cheerfulness… and it’s the perfect therapy. Thanks for enjoying those little cacti! 🌵😊

    1. How about that!

      Ya know… I just love it all …as it brings me smiles…! Especially when I have to turn the NEWS off… ugh!

  1. Nancy, what a breath of springtime. It poured rain all day yesterday and is pouring today. We have had so much rain during January and February, I think the animals are lining up. Drinking my coffee while visiting with you has lifted my rain weary eyes. Your home has so much spring color, it is just beautiful. The little honey pots caught my attention and your felt flowers and cacti are just amazing. Spring has definitely sprung in AZ! It is always such a pleasure to visit with you my friend. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Pam it was so nice having you visit today! I so enjoy when you stop by as your encouraging words are so welcomed.

      I am so sorry for all your rain. Hoping the rain slows down and sunny days come your way!

      Hugs and Happy Week to you! 😊☀️

    1. I think it’s become my favorite too! Thank you for stopping by. Love hearing from you.
      Happy Week to you! 😊☀️

  2. I didn’t know you had wild poppies there–but yellow, unlike the “poppy red” ones in Provence. How beautiful! You really have a gift, Nancy!

    1. I believe they call these poppies California Poppies here in AZ. They can cover hillsides out here. I have seen shades of pink and light purple.They are not like the red poppies.

      Thank you for your kind words! How nice of you!

      Happy week to you! 😊☀️

  3. I love yellow and have used the color in my decorating a lot over the years. Thanks for bringing a smile to my morning. I think I’ll go out and capture a little wildflower yellow myself 😊🌻🌵

  4. Gorgeous, Nancy, just gorgeous. You are so clever, I love your little felt creations, they are a perfect seasonal addition to your lovely home.

  5. Can you see my smile? So pretty and the yellow warmth is amazing…love your felt flowers and cacti…love you sweet sister

  6. Oh, Nancy, the felt flowers and cactus are so darn cute. I especially love the saguaro. I think I may just have to make a few of those. Your home is beautifully decorated and so springy! Sweet!

    1. I enjoy changing everything up for the seasons. And yellow was the color I went with this year.

      And those felt flowers and cacti were so fun to make. I love them too!

      Happy week to you!

  7. I love the contrast of the purple (my favorite color) lupines and orange-yellow poppies—gorgeous! Spring has certainly invaded your home with its loveliness, and your new felt hobby looks like so much fun!

    1. This new found hobby is fabulous! I love it! It relaxes me.

      And I just found out that yellow is the new color that is trending. So how about that? Lol!

      Thank you for always stopping by. I enjoy your kind words.

    1. Jane I have so much fun sewing those felts! They relax me while I stitch away.

      And I agree with you… yellow has a way of sending cheer! 😊

      Happy week to you!

  8. Oh Nancy, your house is so sunny and bright! And those felted flowers and cacti are tooooo cute! Did you post a tutorial and I missed it? I would love to know how to make those! I love your daffodils and desert blooms too, beautiful!

    1. I did not post a tutorial… I might though!

      It’s simple stitching and I used buttons and beads to add some bling. 😊

      I’m so glad you enjoyed them. And if I do post a tutorial I make sure you know.

      Thank you for the love!

  9. So beautiful how you bring the colors from outside to the inside of your gorgeous home! My mom is so crafty, so I showed her your felt flowers and asked if she could make me some for our farm house. We live in Tennessee and are enjoying an amazing first Spring at our new home and farm. The previous owners did an awesome job planting blooming trees and flowers! Enjoy your Spring! :)Jen

    1. Thanks so much for the visit! I’m glad you enjoyed the felt flowers! They are fun to have. I’m making strawberries right now.

      Enjoy your new home and Spring!

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