Tuesday Tidbits #82 Back in Pennsylvania

Hello from Pennsylvania!

Welcome In… I hope all is well with you. I’m so happy you are here.

We did it! We got on a plane and flew to Pennsylvania to our LakeHouse. Actually we flew into Buffalo and our lovely friend picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at our house. We definitely appreciate her!

The first thing we saw as we pulled into the driveway were these purple irises in full bloom!

The second thing we noticed was the change in temperature! We left 110 degrees in Arizona and here in Pennsylvania we have had mid 50’s to mid 70’s. How wonderful! Perfect for gardening!

The lake is just as beautiful as we remember it.

Our gardens were still showing signs of Spring. Even though weeds and overgrowth were in full force! But the rhododendrons blooms hid all of that!

It was nice to get inside. The kitchen was ready for me to cook and have tea or coffee!

And our living room area was ready for us to take the time for us to sit and relax.

The violin hanging on the wall was my Mom’s. She played it in high school. The curio is our bar cart and the buffet was brought all the way back from a vacation in Maine. The pretty forest scene painting was done by my brother.

I like McCoy Pottery so the living room has my small collection which is styled all around our vintage typewriter. Sweet Man built the shelving table. It’s perfect.

The SouthWest flight was fabulous. Only 50 people on the flight and middle seats were all open. Everyone is required to wear a mask and no one resisted. A small bottle of Purel is permitted and the flight attendants recommended using it often especially before they served snacks and water. I had wipes and I used them to wipe our area down before sitting. I felt quite comfortable and safe.

Here in Pennsylvania masks are mandatory in all establishments. Only outdoor seating at restaurants for our county… other counties around us do have indoor seating now. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf is opening each county differently depending on Covid numbers etc.

Well… it’s time for me to get back in the yard. I have had to pull out a lot of this vine so that the lily of the valley can grow better.

Even though we are busy we took the time to gather with friends (social distancing, of course) and we got to watch the sunset from their backyard.

I sure hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Are you pulling weeds? If not… don’t worry… I have pulled enough for you as well!

Thanks so much for the visit! I always am so glad to hear from you so please drop me a line and tell me how you are doing. Are you keeping busy?

60 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #82 Back in Pennsylvania

  1. Your lake house is so inviting! I love all the family items you have there. Your garden is beautiful. Believe me, I’ve pulled my fair share of weeds here, too.

    1. Hi Beth! Glad you came over. However… I am stuck in a hunched over stance. Do you think that could be from pulling weeds? Lol!
      Happy Tuesday! Make it a great day!

  2. Good morning Nancy. Oh my, the lake views are fabulous and that iris is breathtaking! Your lake house looks beautiful with all of its many memories attached! I have my dad’s old Underwood typewriter that I need to bring out! I love your McCoy pieces.

    I am constantly pulling weeds, I feel your pain. Enjoy your day my friend ♥️

    1. Good Morning Pam… we did it! We are here. And glad that we are! We are enjoying the cooler temps. And the jungle of weeds is almost eradicated! Lol!

      How about those Iris?? They are still in bloom. And it’s fun to come back and see our little ole place.
      Sending you lots of hugs from Pennsylvania!
      Make it a great Tuesday!

      1. I am glad the flight went well and you felt safe. It was 59 degrees this morning. Really cool for June, but I will take it! I am glad you have eradicated most of the weeds 🥰

      2. You should have seen the garbage man’s eyes. He could not believe the pile of large trash bags! I loaded him up with water and thanked him. 😀

  3. Nancy, your lake house looks so homely and inviting. Enjoy your gardening and I hope you have bath salts after the weed pulling. Much love flowing to you both. <3 Xxx

  4. Looks green and wet. The old typewriter looks like it has a nice greening patina.

  5. So you risked being on a plane. From how you describe it, it looked pretty safe to me. We don’t fly yet, though, as we don’t know beforehand how full the plane will be and if everyone wears a mask I’ve read bout flights that are nearly full and not even the flight attendants wearing masks. If we travel, it will be by car.
    As to that: what we are considering just now is renting an RV. We think that in/with an RV it’s much easier for us to avoid (too cloese) contacts. We haven’t yet made up our minds, but maybe we’ll do a “trial run” to the coast [Port Aransas] in August and, if thta turns out fine, to the Southwest in September/October. Just now we’re waiting how things develop, especially as here out governor is not as careful as the governor in Pennsylvania.
    Thanks for the pictures of your LOVELY place!

    1. You have to feel comfortable for flying. If you don’t then probably best not too. We flew with Southwest specifically because we knew they were leaving middle seats open. I also heard you can call ahead and ask how many on flight. Southwest and their attendants and all the airports require masks now. It went mandatory a few weeks ago.
      Before renting an RV look ahead to see if your campgrounds are open and if they are if they are taking new people. Also many people are doing the RV rentals now and many campgrounds are full for the summer. You have to plan ahead for most.

      Governor Wolf(Pennsylvania) is being extremely careful!

      1. Thanks, Nancy, for the info. Especially the info about Southwest, as we usualy fly with that airline, too. As to booking ahead when RV-ing: I had read that recommendation, too.

  6. Hi Nancy. I was sitting on the couch a few hours ago, now – fed and rested – I’m sitting at my desk admiring everything but focusing on that gorgeous purple iris before I head off to work for the day. So I guess that means I am keeping busy without pulling weeds 🙂 Have a lovely time at the Lake house.

    1. Oh Clare you gave me a giggle! And I am still admiring the iris as well!

      I’m glad you enjoyed and hoping to share more as the days go by.
      Happy a Tuesday Clare!

  7. How wonderful to enjoy the beautiful lake and cooler temperatures! Your gorgeous garden will be a lovely place to relax in, after all the weeds are pulled, oh my! And those rhododendrons are gorgeous! Just loving their gorgeous blooms this time of year! Enjoy your lovely stay, so wonderful to see your beautiful photographs! Blessings 🙂

  8. I so enjoyed tagging along on this little getaway with you Nancy! Happy to hear you managed to travel safely. These photos are gorgeous! I especially love the first one. Take good care and enjoy the mild climate!

    1. Hi Sandra… this is our Summer home. It’s where we live until Fall. It’s my childhood home. We have kept its charm but made it our own. Glad you were able to stop by.
      Happy Tuesday… take care!

      1. I see, the best of both climates. Smart! And what a treasure your childhood home is! You take good care, Nancy.

  9. Glad you made it to the lake house and are enjoying your garden … even though you may be hunched over. Oh how I wish I could smell those Lily of the Valley. When we lived in IL, I had a bunch lining my screened in porch. I used to love sitting on that porch and inhaling the wonderful scent.

    1. They do smell so good!
      I’m glad you and I escaped the heat and the rising numbers of Covid cases in AZ.
      Enjoy your time getting to your destination.
      Happy Tuesday and you both stay well!

  10. Good morning, Nancy! Your Pennsylvania house is absolutely beautiful! That collection of McCoy is wonderful! I have a couple of the pink pieces, but I love all of the green pieces that you have. Your lake views are stunning, and I know you are enjoying the cooler temps. Take care, and have a wonderful time, sweet friend!

  11. I’m so glad you made it safely to your summer home in PA, I have been curious as to how the airlines are handling things…Don’t work too hard in your garden, but I must say, you had to be thrilled to arrive and see all those beautiful flowers!! Enjoy!

  12. Wow it looks so lovely there at your lakehouse. Sometimes cooler weather is nicer than hot as hot can often get too HOT! I would love to just be there relaxing, reading a book and looking at nature.

  13. What a nice surprise that the time became right to switch homes. Both of your homes look lovely, and you are certainly blessed to have the best of both worlds! Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Your neck of the woods is lovely and reminds me so much of New England. I know you must really be enjoying the nice weather after the heat you left behind.

    1. Isn’t that typewriter fun!
      We are glad we are here… and finally the yard and gardens are looking better then ever after lots of pruning, trimming and cutting!
      Have a beautiful week!

  15. It looks like the flowers put on quite the welcoming party for you! I’m glad to hear the flight went well and that the middle seats were vacant. Also that people cooperated with the measures of wearing masks. Wishing you a lovely and cooler summer in your paradise. Oh and i have a violin on my wall which was my grandfather’s.

    1. Great gals think alike! Those violins are quite special to us.
      And yes… I am pleased that the flight went so well.

      Happy week to you sweet Sue! 😊

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