Tuesday Tidbits #88 A New Addition

Hello and Welcome Friends

It’s so good to have you here. Ya know… during this pandemic we can have moments where we can feel free of the control that this virus may have on us. Yea, some may say it doesn’t control them or that it never will but to some extent it kind of does. So… when I set forth and leave the doors of this house and seek beauty of any kind that comes my way… I feel free from “It’s Control!”

Daisies always bring good cheer!

And so do bouquets from our gardens.

Our gardens here were purposely planted to be cutting gardens for lovely bouquets. We enjoy each and every bouquet that comes into this home or front porch!

It’s been a fun week as Sweet man built a potting bench for our back patio. And I got to paint it. Plus the darker color part of the bench, the actual table part, is from a local famous barn here in our town! They were getting rid of some ordinary doors and Sweet Man utilized part of the ordinary barn door in this bench!

I painted it …as this natural color did not work for our patio vision.

So here it is now… all painted and styled!

I shopped the house, garage and carport. Nothing is new in the above picture except the pillows on the chairs. (Walmart buys!)

Oh, and the story behind that straw basket tray is too funny! It was sitting out in the garage with my gardening gloves etc. for about two years. Listen to this…

We came home with the basket after an Adventure. Sweet Man pulled over at a Roadside Produce Stand. He started choosing what produce he wanted to buy. Next thing we know… an older lady in a bikini, that was not shy, started helping him with his produce. Oh, and she had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Get the picture? She was a vision! But as sweet as pie! She liked this man at her produce stand! She had this little straw basket and really thought he should have it. And started loading it up with tomatoes. But just as fast as she came… she went… running towards her house. She forgot about the eggs she was frying in a pan on her grill. All of a sudden she started swearing up a storm at the eggs. I thought she was going to throw the eggs at her house! Oh, what we see on our back road adventures… no matter what state we are in! So… as I placed that basket up on top of our new Potting bench … I had a good laugh about that day!

How about those green glasses? Those were my Mom and Dads. I remember drinking from them when I was young. Pretty cool! Right?

And what’s really neat is that this potters bench is covered from the 4 ft. eaves of the house. Rain can’t really hurt it.

I love it! I’ll have fun with this! Just you wait and see!

And because of the Potters Bench… we decided to move the wicker to a new area.

As you can see… we did not let this Pandemic take the joy out of are backyard fun. It’s good to be surrounded by beauty.

I hope your week was good. I hope you were surrounded with moments of joy. And most of all… I’m glad you came back here for a visit. Thank you!

48 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #88 A New Addition

  1. Good morning Nancy and your post is a happy place to start my day. Your flowers are gorgeous and I know that you still enjoy the many plants that your mom planted so many years ago. Sweet man did a great job on your potting bench and you styled it beautifully. The story of the woman in a bikini is hilarious, I can just picture her now. This crisis has controlled our lives for months, but at least, we still have the beauty of nature that we can enjoy!

    Wishing you a lovely day sweet Nancy!

    1. Good Morning Pam! I am so glad you enjoyed the potting bench! I am going to have fun with it! The ideas are endless!
      And yes… the basket story gave me a giggle and I knew I had to share it.
      And sweet Pam, Enjoy your day and all your Sunflowers… they are amazing! 🌻😊

  2. Beautiful potting bench! My husband made mine as well from an old work table a friend had in his basement. There is one difference – mine has dirt on it. 🙂 Love yours and love the decorating you did to bring out the beauty of the project. It’s looking mighty nice there. Happy Tuesday.

    1. Ha! Ha! I was thinking about dirt… and will put a liner down when I actually pot something. I think this will also be a bart cart … when we entertain… again!

      Good Morning to you and stay cool… you have had some heat! Happy Day to you my friend! 😊

  3. You’re getting some nice bouquets from your garden, Nancy. Nice. I really like the potting bench and how he incorporated some wood with a past into it.

  4. How dreamy to have a garden full of flowers just waiting to be cut and enjoyed anywhere! Your new potting table is fantastic! Way to pretty to get dirty and I love the way you’ve styled it! Your description of the produce lady was quite thorough, I could picture it all in my mind 😂 Your yard is so charming with delightful spots to sit and enjoy. Your new addition will be great for party buffets too!

    1. “IF” I pot on it… I will place a liner down. 😃
      I’m glad you enjoyed the basket story. Too funny!
      Thank you for coming by. Happy Tuesday Jenna!

  5. You always do such an amazing job decorating. The potting bench turned out great and I know you’ll enjoy it. Happy Tuesday! 😊

  6. Nancy, all of your pretty flowers bring a smile to my face this morning. Your new potting bench is beautiful, and I know you are going to enjoy it! My hubby built me one for Mother’s Day, and I have had so much fun with it! Take care, and enjoy your week, sweet friend!

  7. I love the Jolene story behind the basket! I could picture the exchange perfectly. Thank you for this round up of beauty and sweet stories. The potters bench is fabulous! Take care Nancy ❤️

  8. A very nice addition indeed 🙂 but it looks too nice for ‘potting’. But I make such a mess when I’m doing it, I assume everyone else does too.

    1. I think it’s going to be used for refreshments mostly! Lol!

      I’m going to have fun with it … no matter what!

      Happy Tuesday Clare!

  9. The produce stand story cracked me up! I could just picture that lady perfectly. Your flowers are beautiful! And I love the potting bench! I’ll have to share this with my mom because this is exactly what she needs.

    1. He did an awesome job… and I love how I shopped the house to make it our own.
      Plus it has some town history incorporated into it.
      Miss you!

  10. Love the new bench! And neat that you have stories behind several of your items. That story about the basket and the old lady is just too funny. So many interesting people in this world. I like the new wicker furniture area. You must be busy watching the weather with all the outside cushions and pillows. Things don’t dry in the east like the west. Your yard with all the decor and flowers sounds like it is bringing you and your husband such joy especially during this difficult time.

    1. Yes! We are enjoying home!

      Thanks so much for following along and enjoying!

      And yes… the pillows take longer to dry! 😊

  11. What a fun post! I’m still laughing over the bikini lady; you paint a great word picture of her. Your two new areas are quite lovely. My family had green glasses like yours when I was young. It is so fun to see them again. Have a great week!

  12. I love your garden and your potting bench! I also recently acquired a potting bench, but I must still finish painting it. After this post, I am motivated to do that as soon as possible!

  13. I’m a day late for Tuesday! I love the potting bench and the treasures you have displayed. Love the green glasses! I always enjoy seeing your cut flowers. Happy Wednesday!

    1. I’m glad you got to see the potting bench! So fun for us!
      And we love our flowers , don’t we?
      Happy Week to you!

  14. Your potting bench is so cute, what a great job. You will definitely have to cover it when or if you use it for plantings. Would you believe that my mother had those same green glasses too. Small world. 😊

    1. Hi Karen…
      Someone else mentioned they had those glasses too! Too funny! And I believe this is going to be used more for adult beverages when we sit outside by the fire pit. Lol!

      Have a great week Karen!

  15. I love this! I too have been shopping my own house to recreate new favorite spaces. I love how yours turned out and the story behind the straw basket. Priceless!

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