Tuesday Tidbits #114 Richness, Rain and Roadrunners

Need an Orange?

Well sorry… we do not have enough to pass around. In fact, our harvest consisted of 1 orange! Yes that’s right… only 1 orange on our very small tree. It’s our very first orange!

We turned eating it into a photo shoot!

It was extremely sweet and so delicious! We were very proud of our very first and only orange…ever! It was Rich in taste!

Hello Everyone and Welcome to another Tuesday!

Rain came to our neck of the woods! Thank goodness! Our Sonoran desert was extremely dry. Saguaros looked skinny and the landscape looked brown. Three days of slow steady rain will help.

Our backyard loved getting its thirst quenched.

My Zinnias were on their last leg so the rain gave them a little bit more life.

Before the rain came we had a RoadRunner hang out on our back wall for several minutes.

He/she is quite relaxed.

Roadrunners are fast and do not like to pose.

They usually have their tail upright and wear a little hat.

But today he/she was extremely relaxed.

We were happy that this Roadrunner felt happy to hang out at our place!

Oh, and by the way… here are our Zinnias on a sunny day… happy as can be.

Hope your week was good. We are good but waiting patiently for the Vaccine! It’s time to rev up the production!

Thank you so much for visiting!

Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends.

51 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #114 Richness, Rain and Roadrunners

    1. I like it Mr. Mark! “Let’s Go Orange!”
      Hope you are ready for the Super Bowl… even though my team(s) are not in it.
      Have a great week!

  1. Good morning, Nancy. How exciting to grow oranges or an orange 😉 It certainly looks delicious. Rain makes everything look fresh, it should be fresh here. It poured rain with lightning, thunder, and tornado watches last night. The shot of the roadrunner is outstanding. Wishing you a lovely day!

    1. How about that orange! I will say it was delicious and oh, so sweet. Plus NO SEEDS!
      It was fun to watch the roadrunner just sit and relax… usually they are scurrying all over the place. Thanks for popping over… have a great week my friend.

  2. I have woke up to snow this morning. We are south of Tucson now, and it’s so good to get all the rain and now snow. Poor desert needs it. Your cute roadrunner is a girl, no blue on the face. She posed good for you. That first photo of the succulent, I have that in a little pot on my table. I have no idea the name but I like it.

    1. Hi Mary! I saw that you were staying south of Tucson. We took a drive down near there and saw such beautiful sights last February. You are staying in lovely country! And now you have snow! We need all this precipitation very badly!
      So she is a female! After I posted this I remembered reading that males have blue on the face. She sure did like relaxing! I enjoyed seeing your roadrunner as well.
      The succulent is called Elephant Bush succulent. It does so well for me in the back yard. I have several big plants and they require hardly any attention.
      Thanks for the visit. And I do want to say… I really enjoy your blog posts as your stories add to your beautiful photography.
      Enjoy your day playing in the snow!

    1. Yes we were amazed she sat there for so long. (I just found out the roadrunner is a female.)
      And yes we are off to a good start with Oranges!
      Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Yay! The first orange … just the beginning. There’s nothing like freshly picked citrus around here. With all the moisture we’re getting, I think our desert plants are doing a happy dance.💃

      1. I look forward to seeing your pics. We’re off to the eye doctor in Scottsdale. So maybe Pinnacle Peak has snow on it. Spur Cross definitely does.

  4. Nancy- You have such wonderful creatures in Arizona! That cute little owl and now a roadrunner. We too have been having rain here in So Cal. Not only good for the plants but the weeds as well. Your orange is wonderful. Just wait until your tree matures and you have a bunch more. Happy Tuesday!

    1. We are loving the rain and our creatures! And now an orange too! Lol!
      Thank you for the visit and enjoy your rain too …Julie.
      Happy Tuesday!

  5. 😂 Your one orange looks most delicious, Nancy! Rain at your place, ice here at home. Good day to stay inside by the fire!🙂

    Blue Rock Horses Frederick County, Virginia bluerockhorses.com

  6. It’s always a pleasure to have rain here also, however, I’m guessing, lately, we’ve been having your share too 🌧 (sorry).

  7. A fresh orange from your own tree! It doesn’t get much better than that. Seeing your zinnias makes me miss mine. They’ve been gone since October! I enjoyed your roadrunner photos. It’s always fun to see birds we don’t get around here. Happy Tuesday!

  8. Congratulations on your delicious crop! Wonderful capture of a roadrunner, I’ve never seen one before! You have beautiful colors in your yard. Take good care Nancy! ❤️

  9. Nancy, I love roadrunners! We one had one get into our garage and we about never got him out. I agree they don’t like to be photographed. I once spent forever following one trying to get the perfect photo. Enjoy your week sweet friend!

    1. Oh My in your garage! WOW!
      They are quite elusive.
      this female just wanted to relax I believe.
      Have a wonderful week dear Shannon!

  10. I remember being at the in-laws place and seeing grapefruit and lemons ready to be picked right from the trees for the first time (they don’t grow them here in the Midwest LOL) and they were sooooo good!

  11. How exciting to have the first orange! Your yard looks so vibrant as compared to our white wonderland here. The road runner clearly feels safe and secure in your yard. I would too. XO

  12. Great pictures Nancy!! Love the flowers!! Glad to hear you guys some rain also. It has been a very dry winter…we got a few inches last week and suddenly the hills in LA are greening up…..
    Love the road runner shots. I love it when they have babies and suddenly there is a trail of babies following mom on the top of the concrete wall. My office in our Goodyear house had a window facing our side yard wall and suddenly there would be a family of road runners marching down the top of the wall!! Loved it!! Hope all is well!! Take Care! (Congrats on the orange harvest….there will be more to come in the future!!)

    1. We are looking forward to a bigger harvest.
      Glad things are greening up for you. They will be here as well.
      Happy Day to you my friend! Thanks so much for the visit!

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