Tuesday Tidbits #121 It’s Definitely Spring

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. The weather here was perfect for egg hunting!

Good Morning and Welcome In! The sunrise Easter morning was amazing outside our front door!

And one step out our back door and you can tell it’s Spring in the desert!

The Cacti are Blooming!

Growing up in Pennsylvania… I never saw Cacti bloom. I only saw it in magazines etc. Now I get to live by them!

So pretty!

So when we see a cactus bloom… it stops us in our tracks.

And that’s not the only flowers blooming in our yard.

My Zinnias are still going strong. Now remember, I planted them last October!

And look at these roses!

Montezuma Rose
Peace Roses
Our backyard oasis.

You can see why this is our favorite time of the year!

Sweet man enjoys golfing in the desert beauty!

And I enjoy adding the outdoor beauty to our Spring Decor.

Our Easter Table with Bougainvillea blooms. I snapped this before adding the water goblets.
Desert Rose Franciscan ware.

I purchased the tablecloth at Home Goods a few weeks ago. The little birds on the cloth are darling.

The fresh cut bougainvillea made it from the Easter table to the patio table.

I can’t sign off without sharing with you a daily visitor at our Hummingbird Feeders. Here’s this weeks Creature Feature! A Gila Woodpecker.

Thank you for enjoying our backyard along with us. We love hearing from you. Just click on Comments under the Tuesday Tidbits title picture and let’s chat!

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #121 It’s Definitely Spring

    1. Good Morning Judy! How about that sunrise! Amazing! And the Woodpecker can get quite loud. We call him Squawky.
      Thanks for the visit!
      Happy Tuesday!

      1. I’m so glad you enjoyed our gardens Jane! Thanks for following along!
        Enjoy your Tuesday! 🙂

  1. Thank you so much for sharing that glorious Easter sunrise, Nance! The Arizona flowers are in full power, too. And I am envious of Sweet Man’s awesome spring golf setting, for sure.

    1. That golf course is a beauty.
      Thanks for enjoying our Spring back yard and that amazing sunrise!
      Have a wonderful day Mr. Mark.

  2. You have such a beautiful oasis in the desert! I love the bougainvillea. I’ve tried to grow it here but I think the winters are too cold. Great shot of the woodpecker on the hummingbird feeder! Have a great week!

    1. Good Morning Beth! I am so glad you enjoyed our gardens. Bougainvillea does freeze. This year we did not have a frost so they did even better then usual. Oh, and Squawky the woodpecker can do acrobats on that feeder. HA HA
      Thanks so much for the visit!
      Have a wonderful Tuesday

  3. I can see why you love Spring! It’s beautiful! I like be the photo of the woodpecker. What a great shot! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. He’s an acrobat at times on that feeder. And he can get quite loud… we call him Squawky.
      Thanks for stopping by my friend. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. So beautiful Nancy, I just adore the blooming cacti and the bougainvillea reminds me of when I lived in So Cal, it was everywhere…it looks so pretty on your table! Happy April!

  5. Nancy, your backyard is absolutely stunning! The spring blooms are so beautiful! Your Easter table is so pretty, and I love your new tablecloth. I adore birds, and enjoyed seeing the visitor who appeared on your hummingbird feeder. Wishing you a most blessed week, sweet friend!

    1. Good Morning Shannon! Thank you for enjoying our backyard oasis right along with us.
      Enjoy your Tuesday my friend!

  6. Good afternoon, my first quaintness with Gila woodpecker at our hummingbird feeder was to find the bee guards all on the table. They were the guilty party. Another time they lined up near the feeders and had a feast on the bees coming to the feeders. Love seeing all the cacti flowers.

  7. That sunrise is gorgeous and only overshadowed by the flowers, the birds, the backyard, the golfer, the bougainvillea – ok I’ll stop 🙂 I so look forward to your Tuesday Tidbits, they brighten my day.

  8. Everything here is so beautiful it takes my breath away! I had no idea cactus flowers were so showy and gorgeous. And your table is, too. Love the flowers on the table and the pretty napkins. It looks like a perfect day — what could be better?!

  9. Nancy, the sunrise is gorgeous! Your garden is in bloom and I am loving every photo. The blooms on the cactus are amazing as are the peace roses. I will be planting zinnia seeds in a few days. They are such a pretty cut flower. Your backyard oasis and gardens are stunning. Happy week dear friend!

  10. I have never seen anyone use bougainvillea for decor before, its brilliant. But to date…the photo of the gila woodpecker is fascinating. A post card perhaps, framed art for sure. Donna

    I also love our beautiful desert. We lived all over the world before landing here. Your pictures would certainly encourage people to come here. Lovely!

    1. Oh I call him/her Squawky… he loves to make sure we all know he has come to visit. They are quite loud. And definitely fun to watch their acrobats on the hummingbird feeders!
      Thanks for the love!

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