Tuesday Tidbits #146 To Blog or Not to Blog

Asters are blooming in the Garden.

Hello Friends!

Thank you for stopping by for Tuesday Tidbits. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. And thank you for posting on your blog as well. I enjoy your blog posts and love your pictures. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I enjoy sitting down and taking the time to share my thoughts, not only with you but also with myself.


Blogging for me is my digital journal of organized thoughts and pictures. (Well, at least I think they’re organized. 😃)

The Autumnal Feels are starting to Happen!

Friends Have Left Blogging

But many of our friends are leaving this forum or they have slowed down. I often wonder why. Many have decided to head over to Instagram. Which I enjoy as well as it is quick, fast and easy. But I don’t own my account on Instagram or on Facebook. I own this Blog and I know it will not disappear over night. (At this moment, I can not access any of my pictures on Facebook or any of my Facebook friend’s pictures or posts. It’s been almost a week and our internet service is having glitches with Facebook and Instagram. 😳 I can’t imagine if I was a business depending on FB or IG in out Network area!)

Oh, and I know there are constant changes here on our Blogging Forum as well. (Classic Editor or Block Editor? Have some left because of this? I do apologize to all my friends who follow me and are not bloggers but there’s been some changes to how we post.) Ironically, as I type this current post all my uploaded pictures are extremely small on this post. That’s never happened before?? I sure hope I can preview this post before I publish it.

I refuse to go to seed. I will try to wrap my brain around all the new changes here, there and everywhere!

Then there is Blogger’s Block or Writer’s Block… what will I write about? How often should I post? And when I do post… how long should it be? Or have I found my “niche?” Oh my! What it all comes down to for me is… I post what I feel is right. And what I like.

Other friends have left blogging for Vlogging …via You Tube. I admire them as I have a hard time making videos let alone talking into a camera. I wish I could.

Sometimes Life takes center stage. I had a hard time sitting down a few weeks ago to just share a few pictures because of Family fun and being busy. I can’t imagine if I was a caregiver for a loved one or just bought a house or celebrating the birth of a first grandchild or God Forbid dealing with a personal sickness or the loss of a loved one. All of a sudden so much more is extremely important.

Loved Ones First

I Enjoy Blogging

Like I have said a few times before… it’s where I can organize my thoughts and the pictures that go with it. It’s my digital journal of sorts. It’s also where I have made many friends… Virtual and in Real Life! We blogging friends are similar to the Post Office Pen Pals from days gone by.

A sweet note we found a few years back while walking in San Diego.

Instead of waiting for mail at my mailbox on the street… I look forward to Blog emails from my Blog Friends! 💻

Blogging Makes It Easier For Me

Where else could I post the following picture and refer you back to a post a while back? Blogging makes it possible.

What is this you ask?

The above picture is an old Street Post that has been re-created here on Lakeside. The old posts were all going to be removed until some creative minds got together and decided to paint them. Many artists were assigned a street post and they are now all unique and beautiful! You can see more here! The one above looks like a tree that has been chewed by a beaver!

They sure are pretty!

And do you remember last week where I shared the street art made out of ROAD SIGNS? Well, with one CLICK you can see my post from last week. On FB or IG you would have to do some investigative scrolling! 🧐

Road Sign Street Art

I did find out more information on the ROAD SIGN STREET ART! It’s actually called “Read Between the Signs” and it’s 1200 feet long. It’s located by the Transportation Department for Pennsylvania in Meadville. An art professor, Amara Geffen, from nearby Allegheny College in Meadville got together with the Transportation Department (for the signs) and several of her students. Over ten years they began to make the art. It shares many of the attributes and events from the area. It’s surely is something to see!

Thank You!

Thanks for being a part of this blog for 6 years. It’s a Blogaversary of sorts. I’m happy we are all still on board. It’s good to have you here. Stay safe my friends…

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #146 To Blog or Not to Blog

  1. Tuesday morning greetings from New England! Blogging is exactly like pen pals, and we do love receiving mail don’t we? 🙂 Applause again to the creative folks at Allegheny College. That is one major impressive artistic endeavor. I love your street posts, and I’m guessing that group of talented folks had a great time giving those posts a facelift. There is something truly special about a community coming together for a project that everyone can enjoy. Happy Tuesday, Miss Nancy.

    1. Hello fellow Pen Pal! It’s always so nice to hear from you my New England friend! I’m glad I found out more about the Road Sign Art… and yes… we have a wonderful community that comes together creatively and supportively.
      Enjoy your Tuesday… we are going to have a beautiful week here in Pennsylvania!

  2. Happy Tuesday Nancy! Thanks for this post. I always enjoy your Tuesday Tidbits and I am happy you will keep posting them. You have inspired me to work a little harder to come up with ideas for blog posts!

    1. Good Morning Beth… I so enjoy hearing from you not only here but also on your blog. You have such beautiful pictures that you share with us. And your gardens are gorgeous as well. I wish for you a beautiful Tuesday! Thanks for always stopping by!

    1. Good Morning to you Mr. Mark…
      Thanks for your encouragement and your support! Plus we enjoy our sports. Football …especially for me.
      Happy Tuesday!

  3. Nancy, I love our connection through blogging. I would have never had the privilege of our virtual friendship had it not been for blogging. I look forward to your Tuesday Tidbits each week. Your posts are always lovely, informative, and entertaining!

    I have seen many bloggers jump to IG and leave blogging. I love Instagram, but I don’t feel the same connections on that platform as I do with blogging. Yes, it is quick and blogging takes a lot of time.

    I was afraid when I saw your title that it was an announcement that your were leaving. I was so relieved when I started reading.

    Wishing you many more years of blogging, my friend ♥️

    1. Hello My Alabama Friend! I agree with you whole heartedly… there is more of a connection here in Blogging then IG. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy IG just like everyone else… and I have a best friend here at the lake because of IG. But blogging has given me more ways of connecting with others.
      I enjoy visits with you and Butch and I know I will meet you one day, someday!
      Thank you always and Happy Tuesday!

  4. First of all, three cheers on six years! I so enjoy visiting here and I’m thrilled you are going to stick with blogging! I see some of the changes you do, although (ironically) my comments and visit numbers have grown in recent years. (Maybe there’s less competition!) Like you, The Marmelade Gypsy is a journal of sorts, a compendium of photos, words and whatever grabs my fancy at the moment. I do a few less posts a week than I used to because I realized I can’t read everybody every day and they probably can’t read me, either! And it is far more satisfying to have something to say instead of the pressure to write something. I said a long time ago, “I own the blog; the blog does not own me,” and it has become my mantra, especially when life steps in and you need a break. Things evolve over time — I know my blog has and others I follow. But so do we!

    Rick calls my blog folks my “imaginary friends” because most of us have never met (though I’ve been lucky to meet more than a dozen bloggers in “real life.” and have found those meet-ups like connecting with old friends. It’s been a supportive community when I’ve had health challenges and a fun one, from which I’ve learned much! I’m so glad you are sticking with us here in Blog Land! I love visiting here.

    1. Such kind words… thank you my “imaginary friend!” 😂
      It is a supportive community and we all know how hard it is to blog. I too use to blog more often but found it was easier to do just one big post a week and dedicate it to my father.
      Thanks for always visiting and Happy Tuesday!

  5. I love the Tuesday Tidbits, and your photographs are always so lovely! Judy is absolutely right, blogging friends are like the penpals of days past, only more frequent and well ornamented with photos and videos!
    Happy Autumn from Vermont! 💕

    1. Thank you Dorothy! And I’m so happy for being new friends with you. (My new pen pal!) Your pictures and recipes never disappoint. Thank you for the kind words and the visit.
      Enjoy your Tuesday!

  6. Happy blogaversary Nancy! When I first started blogging it was to push myself creatively as I felt I was getting lazy in the kitchen, and other areas…it truly opened a new world for me, and I am amazed at what I have learned and the strong friendships I have made. You’re so right, our blogs are like our personal journals, or scrapbooks of our lives, and I find great pleasure in sharing information that I hope will be helpful or inspiring. It’s so much fun to get to peek into the lives of bloggers all over the country {and the world!} and get to know them and different lifestyles through beautiful photographs and words.

    1. Jenna you said it so perfectly! We do get to peek into each other’s lives around the world. We also get to learn from them through their motivational and inspiring posts… very much like yours.
      Thank you for all your kind words and let’s keep on blogging!

  7. Thanks, Nancy, for keeping on blogging. I really enjoy your posts. Despite all the constant chages we have to put up withm I like WordPress as a blogging platform

  8. Congratulations Nancy 🍾 🥂 (I’ll sip some champers and quietly toast to you when I get home from work today.) Six years is no mean feat, and you had me worried there for a minute, so thank you for saying “Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.” I agree with you regarding the loss of blogger friends. Recently it seems like quite a few have just quietly faded away, so I’ve been on a drive to make new connections. One connection I hope to I don’t have to worry about is the one I have with you.

    Like you, my blog is my space for ‘all things Clare’ and even though that’s quite an eclectic collection of topics I feel sometimes I struggle, or I should say, sometimes I have struggled. But I have also learnt to not be hard on myself. As The Marmalade Gypsy says, you own your blog, it doesn’t own you, and if blogging a little is what you want, that’s fine. If blogging a lot is what you do or want to do, then that’s fine too.

    Tuesday Tidbits are a feature of my Wednesday mornings, I look forward to hearing from you 🥰 and finding out what you’ve been up to. (And your photos look as delightful as always – feeling very jealous of those Asters at the moment.)

    1. Clare… I’ll pop the champagne bottle right along with you! You and I met back in BlogUniversity with WordPress. I think it was called that. Anyhoo summer should be in full swing for you. And these Asters… they are HUGE! 💜
      Have a wonderful week my friend… and thanks for all the love! 🥰

      1. I enjoyed those couple of glasses I had last night while thinking of how far back our friendship went. And yes, we did meet through a WP Blogging University course. I couldn’t remember which one, but a quick filter of my comments just revealed your first comment on my blog was back in April 2015. Dean and I were on our Trip of a Lifetime and were in Tasmania at that time, you and I were doing the Writing 101 course, and I’d been blogging for almost one year. Oh, the memories 🥰

  9. Those WP Gremlins have been at it again. I wrote (what I thought was) a lovely comment in response to your post and believe it has gone AWOL! Grrrr!! Anyway, these things happen and now I can’t remember what I said but it was something along the line of (1) being so glad you’re not giving up blogging like so many other who have quietly faded away of late, (2) being happy to have you as a treasured blogging friend, and (3) that six years of blogging is no mean feat. Congratulations 🍾🥂I’ll think of you when I sip a little champers later.

    Finally, I agree with The Marmelade Gypsy – your blog doesn’t own you – and what you share is entirely up to you. I’m guessing (or hoping) those words of wisdom might mean something coming from someone who owns a blog that’s an extreme example of the eclectic collection of interests that make up ‘all things Clare’ 🥰

  10. I agree with you on IG being fast and easy (that didn’t sound quite right did it? LOL) but sometimes life and self care take and need to be first in line for us. I think I have sorta kinda a grip on the block editor but it is still a pain. I’m just trying to not fall completely off the grid but I am not pressing myself or feeling guilty if I don’t post as often as I used to.

    1. I like what Jeannie said… we own our Blogs but the Blog doesn’t own us. We do what we like. That’s my motto.
      And IG is fun but the algorithm has made me not get on as often as I hardly ever see any of those that I follow. And the dancing reels are kind of driving me nuts. Lol!

  11. Your title was a little scary! I’m glad you are not thinking about or needing to leave the blogging world. You are so right that sometimes life happens and bloggers need to step back for a little or a long while. We do have to make family and health priorities over the digital world, but I’m so glad we can enjoy each other over the miles. Your Tuesday Tidbits always make me smile. Have a great week!

  12. Nancy, I enjoy your blog so much, thank you for sharing interesting places, the fun things that you do, and your thoughts with us! Not being very tech savvy, I really appreciate your way of sharing, you always brighten my day…thank you!

    1. Thank you! I am so happy that you follow along! You just made my day! I hope to continue to bring you more Tidbits that brighten your day. Thank you for commenting… have a lovely weekend!

  13. Your post really got me thinking about why I blog so erratically- no conclusions but thinking is always good 😂I’ve really enjoyed the way your blog has evolved and become so technically sophisticated as well as beautiful!

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