Tuesday Tidbits #147 🍁Hello October🍁


As I look off across the lake… I see golden trees sprinkled in the forest along with red, green and orange. Here in this area the fall beauty is starting to take shape.

And even if some areas are not sharing in the Autumn Color Glory yet… it’s still quite beautiful!

We are staying a bit later at the LakeHouse this year to experience the ever changing colors of the leaves and also for Homecoming at my Alma Mater at Edinboro University.

Autumn Harvest

I can just squeal for all the goodies that are still at the Roadside Markets! Bi-Color Sweet Corn is still available! Can you believe it? It’s sooooo good and still so sweet. But after a while I just need to have it in a different way… so when I came across Dorothy’s Corn Fritters, I was all in!

These are amazing! I like them with a little sour cream but many, including sweet man, like them served with Maple Syrup. We love using local Maple syrup made up the street from us!

I think making them in my Mother’s Iron Skillet makes them even more tastier! These are a wonderful treat to have for dinner or as an appetizer. Hope you give them a try. Thank you Dorothy for this fabulous recipe!

Autumn Grape Harvest

Here in the Great Lakes Wine Region… Grapes are being harvested. We took a ride near the shores of Lake Erie to see the miles upon miles of vineyards. Such a beautiful area… we like to call it “Our Napa!”

That’s Lake Erie near the horizon. Vineyards are on both sides of the road.
A grape picker.
We ate a handful of these beautiful grapes… they were quite sweet and so delicious.

We stopped at a local winery where they showed us how they pressed grapes for Chardonnay.

Here they pour the grapes into the auger… where they separate the grapes from the stems and the leaves.
The stems and leaves are discarded.
The grapes are pressed to make juice.
It’s quite an operation!
Our wine tastings!

Last Boat Ride

It was a sad day when we took our last Boat Ride for the summer… but it was a perfect fall day!

Hope you are enjoying Autumn where you live! Thanks so much for the visit!

41 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #147 🍁Hello October🍁

  1. It’s nice you could stay longer Intl autumn. There is so much to do near you: Lake Erie, wineries, your boat…. The colors are indeed make themselves present too.

    The corn fritters looked amazing.

    1. The corn fritters are AH-MAZING!
      And yes… lots to do here. And with the fall leaves changing… even better.
      Happy October!

  2. Beautiful photos. Those corn fritters look great. Grape harvest and wine making are fascinating.

    1. Yes several people are bringing a pumpkin down along the walking trail. I loved it too!
      Thank you for the love!
      Happy Tuesday! 🍂🍁🍂

  3. Nancy, your photos are amazing! Yum, those corn fritters must be delicious. I wasn’t aware until I have seen your posts that the area is producing wine. The grapes and vineyard look beautiful. The pumpkins lined on the sidewalk is a lovely shot of autumn. I am glad you are enjoying an extended stay, the area is gorgeous!

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Yes… the Great Lake Wine Region is quite large. From Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and into Canada. Another favorite here… is Ice Wine. They harvest the grapes when they are frozen on the vine. It’s definitely an after dinner sipping wine. Amazing!
      Thank you for stopping by dear friend! Happy Tuesday! 🍂🍁🍂

  4. I’m glad you’re staying a bit, so much to enjoy! Great photos of the wine process, and such beautiful scenery all around you. Dorothy’s corn fritters look amazing, I wanted to make corn fritters all summer and never got around to it, must do next year! Our leaves are falling, but the trees are only just beginning to turn. Have fun at your homecoming!

    1. Homecoming here is always an event! We are looking forward to it!
      And if you can find some frozen sweet corn somewhere… make these. Around here they sprinkle them with powdered sugar and serve with maple syrup. Mmmm! Mmmmm!
      Thank you for the visit sweet Jenna!

  5. What a lovely way to welcome in Autumn Nancy!
    I’m so glad you enjoyed my corn fritters! They are a staple at my house, and this year is wonderful because we still have corn too. Many thanks for the link back to my recipe.
    Happy Fall!!!! And maybe you’ll be able to sneak one more boat ride in before the weather really changes.

    1. Oh we would love to take another ride… but unfortunately the boat came out of the water. All the docks have been pulled out as well.
      We really enjoy these fritters. I have made them twice now and they are wonderful!
      Thanks for all the love…happy Tuesday!

  6. I can only repeat mself: that area is WON.DER.FUL! Thanks for shaing those pictures. Those corn fritters look enticing. They make my mouth water.
    Have a wonderful time,

  7. The grape pressing process was very interesting! The fall colors are so pretty. We have a few leaves changing here in Virginia, but most everything is green still. Enjoy your last days at the lake! And have fun at Homecoming!

  8. One of the things I miss most about relocating to the desert is the road side produce stands. I had my favorites back in PA for various fresh summer produce. And now that it is apple season, I miss it even more:( I was able to get some fresh honeycrisp apples and heirloom tomatoes at the Farmers Market in Colorado. So I had a little happiness. Love your wine tour. Great photos. Wine tasting isn’t something we do since I am highly allergic to wine. Glad you were able to stay for the PA fall to begin.

    1. I know exactly what you are saying about the Roadside Markets. They really are missed when we head back to the desert.
      Apple season has begun… but apples did not have a great season out here this year.
      Thanks for the visit and Happy October!

  9. Thank you so much for the wonderful visit. It calms my heart to see those beautiful pictures of your area. I could almost taste those fresh corn fritters. Somehow it just seems perfect that you are extending your stay this year. Your fall colors will be magical.

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed seeing the magical colors of Fall here in our neck of the woods. Thank you so much my friend. Happy October!

  10. OMG Nancy 😱 For all the distance between us we may as well not be on opposite side of the planet. I’ve had such a hankering for corn fritters that just yesterday I was googling a recipe.

  11. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous it all is! The lake, the colors, the autumn in all her glory. Thank you so much for this glimpse, I so enjoyed it all. I’m going to give corn fritters a try, they look delicious and I think my Mr. FGH will love them too. And, like Pam, I didn’t know there were vineyards there! Everything is so beautiful, no wonder you’re staying longer. Thank you! Happy Fall, friend.

    1. Oh how nice of you to stop in for a visit. Yes the Great Lakes region for wine is quite extensive and produce wonderful wine.
      We are enjoying all the colors that Autumn brings to us. Thank you for enjoying it right along with us.
      Happy October.

  12. OK admit it, the only reason you did a post on grape processing was to get to the taste testing at the end. 🍷 I heard our leaves won’t be at peak until Halloween this year!

  13. The last boat ride? How sad. Don’t you hate to see the season end? I sure do. I hope you get to stay here a bit longer — even if you’re not on the water! Thanks for your visits, too!

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