Tuesday Tidbits #178 Bring the Outdoors In

June Peonies

It’s been lovely watching the peonies come into bloom as the rhododendrons and lilacs fade. One sweet fragrance after another to savor.

The gardens keep producing gorgeous blooms. I believe it’s all the rain we have had and cooler temperatures. But with this rain comes indoor activities. So why not bring the outdoors in!

Add a Few Outdoor Touches to your Tablescape

Being forced to be inside because of the falling rain makes it easier for me to play with dishes. I decided to use the new melamine plates I purchased from the Pioneer Woman Collection at Walmart. The placemats were purchased from Walmart last summer and I was quite happy to see that they all worked well together. I have no idea where the napkins came from as they were sitting in the cupboard for a few years… but again I was thrilled that they matched too.

A casual mood sets a casual table for the dining room.

Chamomile adds a little freshness…
Impatiens blooms from the garden add a touch more color.

I enjoyed putting this table together. It is always a calming activity for me to play with my dishes.


Now perhaps you should give it a try. Set a pretty table for lunch or dinner. Nothing fancy… just use your imagination. Bring the garden indoors.

Thank you for the visit…

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #178 Bring the Outdoors In

  1. Nancy I love your “outside in” tablescape…so so pretty! I adore peonies but can not grow them in Florida as we have no “cold spell” to assist with the wintering of the bulbs. 🙁 Much like your Arizona home climate….but I love looking at yours! I love your Tuesday Tidbits and this one is a winner. Hugs sweet friend Kari @ Me and My Captain

  2. Nancy, I love your style! Gorgeous table setting. Your Peonies are lovely. Our Rhododendrons are blooming now and soon we will have Peonies in bloom as well. Hope that all is well and that you and your sweet man are enjoying the weather.

    1. Well thank you Positive Polly! I’m so happy you enjoyed!
      You must be up North if your Rhodies are in bloom now.
      Happy Tuesday!

  3. Nancy, your peonies are gorgeous. Did your mother plant them? Your table is so pretty, love the PW dishes. It is so hot here that I have to stay indoors. Hoping for rain this week. Happy Tuesday, dear one 🥰

  4. Oh Nancy, your peonies are gorgeous! How wonderful to have a garden of such beauties! I think your table is a wonderful celebration of summer, the red and white is so happy and I love your Walmart finds~ you did bring the outside in!

  5. Stunning, as always! Your bright & cherry table certainly erases a dreary rainy day! Hugs to you for lifting my spirits with your blooms and decor!

  6. This is our first summer in OK, and I feel like I am getting a present with each new bloom I spy. Unfortunately, the winds are tough on the plants so blooms don’t last long. I enjoyed all of your red. What a great way to brighten up a rainy day!

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