Tuesday Tidbits #191 What a Week!

It’s Been a Week

Queen Elizabeth

The passing of Queen Elizabeth was a shock to me. Even though I knew this day would come. Like most of us… I have never known anyone but Queen Elizabeth of the Monarch. She was strong yet gentle, steady but yet flexible. Her charming and consistent leadership was an inspiration to all women in leadership roles but also to Mothers around the world. She did it all with such grace. I am going to miss her smile and her strength… Rest In Peace dear Queen.

I have not seen the Queen but we did see Buckingham Palace.


21 years have gone by since that horrific day on September 11, 2001.

We all remember exactly what we were doing and how frightened we were. We will never forget!

The 9 11 Memorial in front of Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. A rebar from the Twin Towers inserted in the Memorial representing the Twin Towers. The Memorial to the right for the attack on the Pentagon. The Pennsylvania Memorial for the plane that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

A Family Gathering

We had lots of family come to the LakeHouse for a lovely dinner, fellowship, and a boat ride. However, it almost did not happen as Covid decided to shake things up. We may not be as afraid of Covid as before… but when you have to protect loved ones who are elderly… it becomes a concern. Let’s just say… Covid didn’t mess things up! We had a wonderful visit! Great food and fun was had!

I made a Peach Pie shown above and a Pumpkin Pie. My homemade crust is a recipe from a friend and it comes out perfect all the time!
The lake was quiet for our ride with family.

Football has Returned

We are a Football Family! We love to watch football! I enjoy College Ball the most but love to watch the NFL as well. I am an Ohio State Buckeye Football fan. And for some fun family competition… Sweet Man and I both have our own Fantasy Football Teams in the same league. I may need to remind everyone that Miss Nancy is a Two Time Fantasy Football Champion! 2 years in a row! Let the Football Fun Begin!

You can find us both here during Football Season! Our LakeHouse Living room!

Flower Bouquets

I am still cutting flowers from our gardens. I enjoy our very own Flower Bouquets from Spring to Fall.

This is the only Fall Decor that’s happening at the LakeHouse. We have nothing outside as well. Maybe soon I’ll purchase a Mum or two and perhaps a few pumpkins. I’ll keep you posted!

Fall Feels

We are enjoying the cooler temperatures so that we can enjoy the beauty in nature!

This field is very close to us here in Pennsylvania… but it sure reminds me of Scotland!
Sedum taking on its Fall colors.

A lovely evening on the boat! Glad you could join us!

Thank You

I do believe that’s it for this week. As I always try to convey… we sure do appreciate all of you. Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits.

Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy what September brings to you this week.

Whatever you have planned… make every day count.

42 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #191 What a Week!

  1. Good morning, Nancy. Thoughtful messages about the Queen and 9/11. I will miss the Queen’s grace and smile. We shall never forget that horrible day, I remember it so well 🙏🏻

    The family time sounds wonderful and your photos are stunning. Thank you for sharing your beautiful lake with us. Happy Tuesday 🍁

  2. Your sedum is ahead of ours and gorgeous. Love your PA views and so glad the family gathering could finally happen. I, too, am mourning the loss of the queen. She was an amazing woman. Sending all good wishes your way!

  3. Hard to believe that it has already been 21 years since 9/11. I remember it like it was yesterday. Very sad news about our Queen’s passing. She has been a constant in our lives and will be missed.

    Loving the photos! You two look younger every day! Must be the love, laughter and positive attitudes. Wishing you many more happy days ahead!

  4. Happy Tuesday Nancy, yes a memorable week it was! I’m glad you got to have your family fun and I love the photos of Mother Nature’s beauty! When do you return to Arizona? Love football season, but haven’t ever done Fantasy Football, congrats to you!

  5. Such a wonderful selection of photos and could almost smell that peach pie! Your lake house seems to lend itself to perfect summer and fall scenes but of course your decorative flares are perfect. FYI – when I go onto your blog directly I can’t ‘ like’ or comment – can only do that through the reader.

  6. What a week it was! A week of marker events, and remembrance, but also the resumptionm of family gathering is a constant that keeps us happy.
    Covid in our house right now, my grandson, who was visiting and is now here a bit longer than planned. He’s feeling pretty good, but will isolate until Saturday and we’ll test again.

  7. It certainly was a week to remember. Queen Elizabeth was always smiling and always looking prim and proper. She was what I’d call a class act. It also sounds like you had a nice family week, and I sure can tell you ate well. That pie looks delicious. Enjoy your fall weather before you head west for the winter.

  8. I agree Nancy…we will never forget nor will we forget the Queen. Not sure the monarchy will be the same…she was such a “rock” for everyone….and a woman of faith. Happy your family was able to be with you…in such a beautiful setting as your lake house. Have a great and wonderful Fall.

  9. I enjoy your Tuesday posts. I will miss Queen Elizabeth. We visited Buckingham Palace in 2006 and they had all her dresses up to that time displayed. It was a total surprise and delightful to see them. I don’t think they allowed photos.
    It has been a memorable week. 911 always is emotional. Such a tragedy.
    You are so active and busy. Your flowers are so lovely and that pie peach is so pretty and very inviting.
    Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  10. Love your thoughts on the Queen. I agree. And thank you for sharing your tribute about 9/11. We do have lots to be grateful for: flowers, nature, lakes, peach pie! Yum.

  11. What a week is correct! Our British visitors arrived just days before the passing of their Queen. 💔 I was heartbroken for them, although they were quite good sports about not being present for this mournful time in their Country. (As an aside I’ve attached a link to a post written about our son & daughter-in-heart’s journey toward their English wedding. It’s a long one, but the photos are priceless. https://hugsnblessings.com/2019/09/21/dear-sr-mary-agnes/ ) Your 9/11 remembrance was precious and as with most American’s that fateful day will remain in our hearts for our lifetime.

    Lastly, ANOTHER thing we have in common! Collegiate football! Traveling to college games is one of the hobbies Cuppycake and I enjoy together. We have been fortunate enough to see many games on college campus throughout the country during the years our eldest son played DI. We’ve kept going though, far beyond his years playing, trying to visit at least one or two campuses a year to add to our list. However, no matter where we’ve been there is none that can compare to ARMY vs NAVY. 🙌🏻 GO ARMY! BEAT NAVY!🍾

    1. Oh my… we could be cheerleaders for our college football teams. How fun that you both go to College games all around the country. That’s sooooo cool!
      Go Buckeyes!

      I’m off to read your link! 😘 Hugs to you sweet friend!

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