Tuesday Tidbits #146 To Blog or Not to Blog

Asters are blooming in the Garden.

Hello Friends!

Thank you for stopping by for Tuesday Tidbits. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. And thank you for posting on your blog as well. I enjoy your blog posts and love your pictures. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere. I enjoy sitting down and taking the time to share my thoughts, not only with you but also with myself.


Blogging for me is my digital journal of organized thoughts and pictures. (Well, at least I think they’re organized. 😃)

The Autumnal Feels are starting to Happen!

Friends Have Left Blogging

But many of our friends are leaving this forum or they have slowed down. I often wonder why. Many have decided to head over to Instagram. Which I enjoy as well as it is quick, fast and easy. But I don’t own my account on Instagram or on Facebook. I own this Blog and I know it will not disappear over night. (At this moment, I can not access any of my pictures on Facebook or any of my Facebook friend’s pictures or posts. It’s been almost a week and our internet service is having glitches with Facebook and Instagram. 😳 I can’t imagine if I was a business depending on FB or IG in out Network area!)

Oh, and I know there are constant changes here on our Blogging Forum as well. (Classic Editor or Block Editor? Have some left because of this? I do apologize to all my friends who follow me and are not bloggers but there’s been some changes to how we post.) Ironically, as I type this current post all my uploaded pictures are extremely small on this post. That’s never happened before?? I sure hope I can preview this post before I publish it.

I refuse to go to seed. I will try to wrap my brain around all the new changes here, there and everywhere!

Then there is Blogger’s Block or Writer’s Block… what will I write about? How often should I post? And when I do post… how long should it be? Or have I found my “niche?” Oh my! What it all comes down to for me is… I post what I feel is right. And what I like.

Other friends have left blogging for Vlogging …via You Tube. I admire them as I have a hard time making videos let alone talking into a camera. I wish I could.

Sometimes Life takes center stage. I had a hard time sitting down a few weeks ago to just share a few pictures because of Family fun and being busy. I can’t imagine if I was a caregiver for a loved one or just bought a house or celebrating the birth of a first grandchild or God Forbid dealing with a personal sickness or the loss of a loved one. All of a sudden so much more is extremely important.

Loved Ones First

I Enjoy Blogging

Like I have said a few times before… it’s where I can organize my thoughts and the pictures that go with it. It’s my digital journal of sorts. It’s also where I have made many friends… Virtual and in Real Life! We blogging friends are similar to the Post Office Pen Pals from days gone by.

A sweet note we found a few years back while walking in San Diego.

Instead of waiting for mail at my mailbox on the street… I look forward to Blog emails from my Blog Friends! 💻

Blogging Makes It Easier For Me

Where else could I post the following picture and refer you back to a post a while back? Blogging makes it possible.

What is this you ask?

The above picture is an old Street Post that has been re-created here on Lakeside. The old posts were all going to be removed until some creative minds got together and decided to paint them. Many artists were assigned a street post and they are now all unique and beautiful! You can see more here! The one above looks like a tree that has been chewed by a beaver!

They sure are pretty!

And do you remember last week where I shared the street art made out of ROAD SIGNS? Well, with one CLICK you can see my post from last week. On FB or IG you would have to do some investigative scrolling! 🧐

Road Sign Street Art

I did find out more information on the ROAD SIGN STREET ART! It’s actually called “Read Between the Signs” and it’s 1200 feet long. It’s located by the Transportation Department for Pennsylvania in Meadville. An art professor, Amara Geffen, from nearby Allegheny College in Meadville got together with the Transportation Department (for the signs) and several of her students. Over ten years they began to make the art. It shares many of the attributes and events from the area. It’s surely is something to see!

Thank You!

Thanks for being a part of this blog for 6 years. It’s a Blogaversary of sorts. I’m happy we are all still on board. It’s good to have you here. Stay safe my friends…