Tuesday Tidbits #60 What an Adventure!

Happy Tuesday! Most of you all know we love our desert and love exploring it! This past Friday we set out to do the same. And oh boy… was it an


We stopped at our favorite spot where we take our guests and new friends. The views are incredible!

Then off we went. But before you know it … we saw people who were in need of help.

Sweet Man stopped as they had a dead battery. My guy had jumper cables!

They were thankful! And we were back to trail riding in no time.

Water crossings do occur but first you must make sure it’s not deep and the water is not rushing.

The trail was filled with views!

We came across an area where there were a lot of boulders. They were calling us to explore them!

And Explore we did!

Lots of fun at the Boulders!

But we were “Burning Daylight” so back to the trail we went!

A rocky crossing got a member of our caravan stuck. After much work and help from everyone… we got him off the rocks. But in the meantime his transmission pan was punctured and all his transmission oil was gone. Sweet man towed him out of the desert for about 25 miles.

There were some tough spots to maneuver…

And yes… I was pretty proud of Sweet Man… and our desert Jeep!

Once again it enforces the reason why we go out in the desert with others!

Thank you so much for the visit!

Happy Trails to You!

Until Next Time~ Nancy