Tuesday Tidbits #74 Walking to Soothe the Soul

Welcome In…

You probably wonder why I start with that. “Welcome In…” First off… when our friends “use” to come over to our house… I would say Hello and Welcome them in and most times a hug would follow. So here when you stop over… it’s quite the same. Except it’s all virtual and there’s nothing wrong with that! Right now it’s the safest… cause we are definitely doing the Social Distance Dance here in BlogLand!


Have you begun any new routines because of this pandemic? I have always enjoyed walking but enjoy it even more right here in our neighborhood. We are very lucky because our town has hundreds upon hundreds of these beautiful neighborhood trails that are not crowded. Walking has now become a habit. Getting out into nature soothes the soul!

These saguaros will bloom most likely in May!

Along with cactus… mountains show up on my walks too.

Oh yes… I did mention cactus, didn’t I. Lots of them are blooming now.

The cactus blooms aren’t the only reason why I walk… look at the fabulous creatures I see along the way.

We love our Quail.
And goldfinch too!
Even though these Woodpeckers raid the Humming Bird Feeders and SQUAWK… we enjoy watching them.
Spring brings beeutiful bees!

And the children have enhanced my walks as well with their hidden painted rocks!

Heading back home I look forward to another routine…

Tea Time!
Tea Time is even better when you use a honey pot gifted to you by your sister…
along with cranberry bread that our lovely neighbor baked just for us.
Lots of love in this picture.
A beautiful saguaro skeleton shows me the way home.

Do you have any new routines? Do you think they will last even after this craziness is over? Are they now becoming Simple Pleasures?

Let me know what you are doing new. And stay safe my friends… you mean the world to me.

I also would like to share a link with you. I was asked by Sue from of Travel Tales of Life to share my thoughts on how Covid-19 is effecting us and Arizona. It’s a great Series that she and her husband have put together on their blog. I hope you can click over.