Arizona Living

Hello… and Happy Sunday Friends!

Are you ready for some


Many people think the desert is brown. We live in the Sonoran Desert here in amAZing Arizona. It’s far from Brown! I hope I can make you think otherwise?

Spur Cross Trail Cavecreek, Arizona

And yes… we have lakes here as well…

Watson Lake Prescott, Arizona
Lake Havasu, Arizona

When taking a walk at our town center I saw many visiting ducks.

When you head out into the back country… there’s nothing like seeing our wild Burros. I just love them.

But then again …there’s nothing like our Wild Horses. I caught them when they were sleepy.

We also have our share of grazing cattle…

Once in a while a coyote will cross your path. I love this one’s coloring.

We love our saguaros. Pronounced suh-wah-roes. And our wide open spaces!

Looks like we are gettin’ ready for a meetin’…

Sharp vegetation that sure is beautiful!

How about Rocks?

Have you ever seen so many rocks before?

We’ve got ROCKS!

Tall ones…

Pretty colored ones…

Red ones…

and these unbelievable wavy ones!

And don’t even get me started on flowers!

So how do you like our desert? We sure love it!