Tuesday Tidbits #184 The Sun Kissed the Shore

Clippety clop, clippety clop… that’s what I have heard outside our bedroom window each morning this week. The horse hooves on the pavement pulling the Amish Buggy of men to their work location. Oh, how I treasure that sound… it’s moments like these that we have to stop and absorb… take time to pause and relish the moment.
This is not the actual buggy that drives by… I took this picture in Amish Country located in Ohio.

What a pleasing way to start our Tuesday. Welcome Friends!

The Victorian Princess docked at Dobbin’s Landing by the Bicentennial Tower on the Bay on Lake Erie at Erie, Pennsylvania.

It’s been a fabulous week of living life and loving every bit of it! Folks… Retirement is Amazing! We try to enjoy the local places around us as often as possible. I guess you can say we “Love Living Local.” Our local news station has a commercial that plays a song or better yet a jingle that sings just that. Some of the lyrics are…

“There’s no where else I’d like to be. It’s the only kind of air I want to breath. I’m living local and it’s everything to me. We’re Loving Living Local!” ~Nexstar Media Group

There’s just something about savoring the views, the towns, the places, and the things all around us. We did just that this week. We booked a sunset dining cruise on the Victorian Princess with friends. It’s a paddle wheel boat that cruises the Bay on Lake Erie at Erie, Pennsylvania.

Perry Monument from the boat. This monument was constructed in 1926 to commemorate Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and his men for defeating the British in a battle in the War of 1812 in Sandusky, Ohio. But it is here, at Presque Isle Bay and Little Bay where he brought back the warships for repair and to get medical help for his crew. Little Bay was later renamed Misery Bay because so many of his crew died.
The North Pier Lighthouse has been guiding ships into the harbor since 1858.
The North Pier Lighthouse on the bay.
The paddles on the back of the boat.
Sweet Man walking the side of the boat. Not the Plank!
This is a dry dock for repairs of large boats. Freighters and other Vessels of the Great Lakes come to get repaired here. The USS Cod that is docked in Cleveland, Ohio was towed here to be repaired.
One of many marinas.

A great evening was had as we cruised the bay.

Lovely Friends!
Bicentennial Tower

All the while we watched the sun begin to kiss the shore.

As we left the boat the beauty continued.

Look at those sun rays!
As the commercial jingle goes…
“There’s something so real about living local. About the people and the places where we live. There’s a pride around here that’s been growing with the years. And I know without a doubt I’m not alone. It’s all the reasons why we call it home. We love living local!” ~Nexstar Media Group

Thank you for joining us for another Tuesday Tidbits. We appreciate you stopping by. Wishing all of you a wonderful week ahead. It’s the last week in July so whatever you have planned… make every day count.

48 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #184 The Sun Kissed the Shore

  1. How very interesting, Nancy: you visited the Bicentennial Tower! Thanks for the wonderful fotos. We passed it by on our trip up to Vermont along part of the shore of Lake Erie. We decided on visiting three lighthouses on the way: Presque Isle, Barcelona and Dunkirk. After we had climbed up to the top of Presque Isle Lighthouse, we skipped anther climb, that onto the Bicentennial Tower. We did see the North Pier Lighthouse, though, from the pier itself. Thanks to your pictures, I now know what it looks like from the water. 😊👍
    All the best, just now from Shepherdstown?PA,

    1. Pit you were so close to me… we live about a half hour south of Presque Isle. I’m so glad you saw our Lighthouses! I did a post on many of them. Presque Isle Lighthouse is fabulous. As is our Jewel… Presque Isle!
      Right down the street from the Barcelona Lighthouse is the gorgeous Barcelona Beach.
      Happy Tuesday! And thank you so much for the visit!

  2. What a fun and beautiful outing! Your photos are stunning, those colors! You and your husband are always living life to the fullest! Enjoy this last week of July~

  3. Beautiful photos. Have you seen Weird Al Yankovich’s parody “Amish Paradise’?

    1. Yes I have. Too funny! And they will use your electricity and your electric tools all day… as long as they don’t own them. They also will use your cell phone to conduct business. They just can’t own it.
      Thanks for the giggles this morning … Tim.

    1. There is so much to see and do right here in our very own backyards.
      Thank you for enjoying the pictures. Good to hear from you!

  4. Glad you two are enjoying life. As much as we’re missing lake life this summer, we have no regrets staying in the valley. We needed a reprieve from travel. I look forward to connecting when you return to the desert, but in the meantime, savor living local.🙂

    1. Yes… Ohio Amish Country is so fun because of the shops, markets and delicious Amish Food!
      We have lots of Amish near us here but its not a commercialized area like in Ohio Amish Country.
      I am so glad you got to experience Amish Country… it is quite wonderful! Thank you for stopping in.

  5. Amazing photos of your fun-filled week. You squeeze a lot into your time in PA, and that is a good thing. Applause to your good health and your good sense to do all that you can while you can. Those smiles show how much enjoyment you had with friends on your cruise. 👏🏻👏🏻

    1. It was a fun filled and relaxing evening!
      I am glad you got to visit and enjoyed the pictures.
      August is almost here so enjoy every moment of Summer.
      Enjoy your upcoming week my friend, Judy!

  6. Nancy, you and Sweet Man know how to enjoy retirement and to live local. You discover the best places and activities. Dining with friends on the Victorian Princess looks fabulous. The sunset was breathtaking. We are on a little getaway, but I had to come by for a brief visit!

  7. No plank for Bob! In all seriousness, it looks like a lovely cruise and evening on the Lake. We must make time to get out and visit some of our local sites too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s all about making the plans. Once those plans are set… let the fun begin!
      Thanks for stopping in. Enjoy your week ahead… I heard it’s warm your way.

  8. What fun Nancy…you and sweet man share so many beautiful memories. and that is what life is all about. Thank you for taking us along on your adventures.
    Hugs my friend

  9. Just got back from a seven-week trip, five in Alaska, two more in Denver and Sunriver, Oregon. What a delight to see your refreshing blog. What fun catching up with your travel thoughts and photographs!

  10. What a cool dinner cruise aboard a paddle boat!! Awesome. I could go on and on about your pics….perfect and of course the sunset ones take the cake!! Stunning!!!

  11. I love that jingle about living local! It’s been our motto since we moved to Sweden, to explore, and discover everything we can locally, and really try to become a part of the local community. Your photos are gorgeous!

  12. I love this. It’s so true to, and necessary to enjoy your local places. I am lucky to also have a few of those. The sunset cruise looked so relaxing and fun. The photos spectacular.

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