Tuesday Tidbits #177 SUMMERTIME!

June is Here

The thermometer shows cooler temps for us here in NW Pennsylvania and we are loving it! Perfect for outdoor projects, gardening and backyard campfires.

The first of the campfire s’mores were made.

Back Patio

Flowers are planted, hanging baskets are placed and hostas are transplanted at our back patio.

Across from the flowers is our focal point on the patio. Our Potting Bench!

The Potting Bench, which Sweet Man built for me, was styled by me and it’s now the focal point of our patio. I think perhaps that it may be more of a table for cocktails or tea time.


The lilacs are done as well as the flowering bulbs of tulips and daffodils. And now irises, lupines, peonies, columbine and poppies are showing their pretty faces.

Spiderwort and Columbine.
More Columbine.

The gardens and yard have been weeded, trimmed and tidied up. Taking a walk about the yard… gives me a smile. It’s so good for my spirit to see all of God’s Beauty and our hard work that came to fruition.

After all the weeding and gardening… Sweet Man purchased me more garden gloves. There’s just something about new fresh garden gloves!

Boat is in the Water

Summertime is Now Official because the Boat is in the water!

We went for a lovely ride.

What do you think of when you hear the word…


For Me It’s…




Hot Fudge Sundaes at the Dairy Isle

Camp Fires and S’mores


Grilled Burgers and Potato Salad

Corn on the Cob

Peach Cobbler


Bees on the Flowers

Lawnmowers Cutting Grass

The scent of Fresh Cut Grass

Longer Days

Cocktails on the Back Patio

What about you?

I hope this upcoming week for all of you will be filled with Summertime Fun, Lovely Weather, and Relaxation!

40 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #177 SUMMERTIME!

  1. Everything looks beautiful and full of summer magic ready for you to sit back and enjoy. Your flowers are beautiful, and the water looks perfect. Summer to me means gardening and enjoying nature, well, and all that good eating you mentioned. 🙂

  2. So glad to see your gorgeous flowers and beautiful lake! Your summer list pretty much nailed it. I would add fresh produce from the produce stand, fresh Georgia peaches, boiled peanuts, walks on the beach, sitting on our back deck, being lazy! Happy summer!

    1. Oh Beth… those are perfect Summertime additions!
      Enjoy your deck sitting my friend while you eat those delicious Georgia Peaches!

  3. Did you try pouring beer on your smores? Beautiful photos. I think of two songs for summertime: “Summer in the City” by The Lovin’ Spoonful, and “In the Summertime”, Mungo Jerry

    1. Now Tim… I have never tried pouring Beer on my s’mores… is this a new concoction I should know about?
      Perfect Summertime song choices…
      Happy June my friend!

  4. Yes summertime and all of its beauty is here. Everything looks as beautiful as ever sweet Nancy. Will have to join you soon for a fresh cocktail or taste of cobbler or an amazing boat ride. Love to you and RL.

    1. I just smiled as I walked around the yard… even though my back was hollering at me!
      Happy June to you dear Carol!

  5. Nancy, I am amazed how you keep two homes so beautifully. The flowers are gorgeous…peonies, lupines, and irises. The s’mores look so delicious. You have described summer so perfectly! Enjoy all it has to offer, my friend 🥰

    1. Oh Pam I am so happy you enjoyed. The gardens are getting a a lovely drink from heaven today. But that just means more weeds… 😳
      Happy June to you my dear Pam!

  6. Summer is very different in Florida compared to when those days went spent at our lake house in Maine. I guess the one thing that remains the same is the enjoyment of summer tomatoes, corn and peaches.

  7. Everything looks so wonderful, Nancy (and so do you and Sweet Man 🥰) but I saw the gloves and thought ‘How do you keep them so clean?’ Then I read your comment – silly me 🤣

    1. Yes… these are new. And great grip as well. My old ones are in the trash as we speak!
      Thanks for the visit my friend! 😊

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous. Enjoy the cooler temps and your fire pit and smores.

  9. Welcome to Home North! It looks wonderful, Nancy. Medical things have kept me here but I hope to be at the lake soon and enjoying summer as much as you. What words are summer to me? Swimming, White Wine (vs. the usual red), cottage, paper lanterns lighting the night, waves lapping on the shore, ducks, long walks, black cherries, strawberries, corn on the cob, decent tomatoes!

  10. Well, you certainly have been busy since you got back to the lake!! Your flowers are beautiful, and I’m impressed you can keep your garden so pretty when you’re gone half of the year~ I love your list of summertime fun, I think summer brings out the happy in all of us! Enjoy!

  11. Lovely take on summer and a great time to hang out by the lake in PA! We are having a real hot spell in the west and count our air conditioners as a blessing.

    1. Oh I know… our friends have been telling me how hot it is back in AZ.
      Our temps will start to ramp up very soon here in Pa. with added humidity. It is then when we thank our lucky stars for air conditioning!
      Happy Week to You!

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