Tuesday Tidbits #21

Arizona Sunsets…

Sweet Man and I enjoy watching sunsets. Oh, and our Arizona Sunsets do not disappoint! Sometimes we view from a lovely hillside close by… just the two of us.

Or we gather with friends…

Do you recognize Ingrid and Al from Live Laugh RV ?

We always need essentials… If it’s just the two of us…

Or more…

We make sure we enjoy!

So… I want you to do the same.

Sit back and enjoy some of our

Arizona sunsets.

Wasn’t that relaxing…

Thanks for viewing and enjoying another Tuesday Tidbits!

Until Next Time~ Nancy

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #21

  1. Thank hats one thing I’ve noticed every time I’ve gone to Arizona is how gorgeous the sunsets are!

  2. I love that second photo Nancy, the one with the cactus and the Sun glowing orange in the background – that is just spectacular.

  3. Wow wow these sunsets! Just breath taking. Also, that cheese tray with some wine & a sunset- I cannot imagine anything more relaxing. Thank you for sharing, Nancy! I just love your adventures!

    1. Hello! Thanks so much for enjoying these desert captures!
      The saguaro was in Cave Creek… and that fabulous trestle bridge is right outside of Wickenburg. I always see it when we are coming home from Wickenburg. I believe it’s route 60 near Morristown area.
      We stopped to get that picture… and I had my good camera. Not my cell phone. Lol!
      Thanks so much for enjoying!

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