Tuesday Tidbits #132 “Summer Breeze”

Summer Breeze

Makes Me Feel Fine”

Summer officially began this week. Awe… sweet Summer Breezes!

I enjoyed how the flag is blowing in the Summer Breeze!

Every Summer Has A Story

The reason I say that is because a lovely friend gave us a plaque as a “see you later” gift when we left AZ for PA. It said… “Every Summer has a Story!” As she handed the plaque to us she said… “When you return in the Fall I can’t wait to hear your Summer Story!”

Sweet Man and I are adding onto Our Summer Story. Our Summer started on May 21st when we arrived here at the Pennsylvania LakeHouse. It’s been fun and we continue to add to the fun.

A Countryside Adventure

This past weekend we went for a ride through the Countryside.

This was at the end of our day as storms were approaching!
Newly planted Soybean Fields at 65 miles an hour! 😃
It’s always fun to find an old tractor!

Tionesta, Pennsylvania

This countryside adventure took us to the quaint town of Tionesta, Pennsylvania. Where we came upon a beautiful lighthouse.

The Sherman Memorial Lighthouse.

It was constructed by the Sherman Family in 2003 within a beautiful park along side the Allegheny River.

This Memorial park was beautiful and had so many lovely features.

The Park Entrance.
Do you see the turtle and the bear?
A closeup of the bear.
A Freedom Memorial so beautifully done.
Old Glory at her best!
Look at these two!

A Sweet Lunch

First day of Summer always means ice cream for us!

We stopped by an old favorite roadside stop for sundaes!

Delicious Ice Cream comes from here!
A sweet lunch!

A Summer Tablescape

Summer gardens bring bouquets!

I ordered a Wine Chiller from my Blogging Friend Jenna who has a Society 6 Shop. She is an amazing artist and cook! She had shared one she made on her blog post Pink Profusion Tablescape and then shared many more from her Society 6 Shop. I had to have one! This is her art work on this wine chiller that I converted into a vase for my Summertime Tablescape.

I also converted two April Cornell TeaTowels into a runner.
Flowers all came from our gardens.

I am one to mix and match. I only had 4 yellow napkins. Some plain yellow and some patterned. So why not mix them up!

You can see a bit of the plain yellow napkin in top right corner of picture.
Buttercups and Brown Eyed Susans.
Of course we need our English Bone China Tea Cups!

Our Gardens

I’ll keep it short with a Garden Collage! Thanks so much for reading this far. It was a busy week for us. You all get a ribbon for doing so! 🥇

Thank you so very much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!

Our Gardens!

38 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #132 “Summer Breeze”

  1. Wow, there’s a lot in this post! I laughed when I saw the soybean fields from the 65 mph car. Yesterday we were in the car and the clouds were so great I wanted a picture and considered taking it from the car, over the wheat fields that are turning gold here…but I didn’t. Would have looked similar to your soy beans.

    And the strawberry ice cream!!! YUM!!!

    And the flowers, both on the table and in your yard, sooooo pretty!

    I think you have the perfect arrangement, AZ in winter, PA in summer!

    1. We are blessed and truly thankful.
      And it was a busy week… I had a hard time fitting it all in the post. Lol!
      Have a great Tuesday Dawn!

  2. Nancy, you are having so much fun writing your summer story. I love the lighthouse and the park! The Tablescape is so lovely with Jenna’s artwork for the vase! Wishing you more stories to add to your summer!

    Happy Tuesday, my friend!

    1. Good Morning my dear friend! You and I both know how amazing Jenna’s artwork is. And now I have something of hers.
      I’m so happy you like the tablescape. I always think of YOU when I work on a tablescape. You are always an inspiration to me.
      Thank you for the morning visit and sweet words. Happy Tuesday!

  3. You are definitely creating a summer story full of fun and future memories! I love the old tractor and the beautiful flag filled park. Of course my favorite part of today’s Tuesday Tidbits is your bright summer table of flowers with your Society 6 wine chiller! It looks wonderful with the April Cornell runner and filled with colorful flowers Nancy, and thank you so much for the shout out, your friendship, and your purchase!

    1. Good Morning Jenna!
      I am thrilled you got to see how I used your wine Chiller. I’ll be using it all summer and it’s already part of our Summer Story!
      Thank you for the lovely visit.
      Happy Tuesday!

  4. What fun road trips! You may have had summer breezes but here in Michigan yesterday we had summer winds! And cold! I hope that passes you by.

    Your table is so cheerful and pretty. I love the happy yellow, the flower vase and to be able to pull those wonderful blooms from your garden. I could sit at that table all day (unless I was out sightseeing!)

    1. Oh I would be happy for you to sit with me at the table. We could chat away.
      It’s chilly here today but it’s not lasting long. Warm up tomorrow.
      Thank you for stopping by. It’s always so nice to hear from you!

  5. I’ll have ‘Summer Breeze’ stuck in my head all day – I was singing it before your post even opened 🥰 Happy Days to you, Nancy.

    1. My heart smiles too! These gardens took off this year! They are looking quite abundant with blooms.
      I am so happy you visited. Now we just have to visit in real life. (Giggles…😊) I had to throw in the Giggles! ☺️

  6. I love your first day of summer tradition; I’ll need to adopt it. It’s hard to know which I like better your teacup or your wine cooler turned vase. Both are beautiful.

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