Tuesday Tidbits #131 Mid-June?


Hello! Happy Tuesday! And it’s Mid-June already!


Yes… that’s me. I am one that makes myself busy! And sometimes I just have to remind myself to just stop and relax. Perhaps even smell the roses.

This rose plant was planted 50+ years ago by my Momma. And here it is after the rain.
And here is another planted by her.

Sisterly Love

So a slow down day for me this past week was very much needed… I had a lovely visit from my sister. We shopped all day and had lunch at a lovely place called Venango Valley Inn. We spent the day laughing and chatting. Perfect day!

Dining here is not only lovely but delicious! It’s called Venango Valley Inn.

Solar Eclipse

The following day Sweet Man encouraged me to get up early along with him to watch the Solar Eclipse. I have to remind you… I did not bring my good camera to the LakeHouse. I just had my cell phone. My phone could not capture the eclipse. But we saw it and it was spectacular!

Although, we did witness a beautiful sunrise! My iPhone did a great job capturing it.

Along with the eclipse and beautiful sunrise… we were entertained by two Eagles fishing.

One of the Eagles.

It was a wonderful morning. I’m so glad sweet man got me up and moving early for it.

The Gardens

All the gardens are doing well!

I call these Buttercups but I read that they are called Yellow Evening Primroses.
Here they are paired with the pink primroses.

I had to show you the lupine plant I shared with you last week. This plant was planted by my Mother 50+ years ago. This is the tallest I have ever seen it grow!

Its over 26+ inches tall. Wow!
It opened up to 28 inches!

Lakeside Cottages

I sometimes try to share a cottage or two from Lakeside…

And how about a little water fun as well!

Thank you for stopping by… and please enjoy the rest of your week! Happy Tuesday Friends!

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #131 Mid-June?

  1. So very beautiful roses! 🙂 But that Lupine really is something! WOW!
    Have a wonderful time and don’t overdo things,

  2. Beautiful photos, I am so glad Sweet Man got you up early so you could enjoy the awesome scenery. Roses planted by your mom fifty years ago is absolutely amazing and that lupine is awesome! So glad you had time with your sister…the inn looks perfect! Happy Tuesday my friend!

    1. A wonderful sunrise with my Sweet Man… was picture perfect for both of us!
      Thanks for all the love Pam! Happy week to you!

  3. You are in some beautiful territory and it looks like you are having a wonderful time at your summer home. I’m sure it’s a relief to get out of the AZ heat, although as you know, the North can get pretty steamy, too! Love all the lake views and counting the days till we can get to our place!

  4. I so look forward to reading your Tidbit on (what is for me) Wednesday mornings. That Lupine is amazing and the roses are (drop dead) gorgeous. It just goes to show that plants (flowers) can outlast our lifetimes. I’m sure they gave your Momma as much joy as they are now giving you.
    Happy Tuesday to you, Nancy 🥰

    1. Thank you so much Clare for enjoying! And yes… a lifetime of magic!
      Thank you for always enjoying!
      I’m always so happy to hear from you!
      Happy week to you!

      1. You are most welcome Nancy – I love reading your Tuesday Tidbits. It’s like a little trip into someone else’s world 🥰

  5. Wow! That lupine is amazing!!! It looks like you are having a wonderful time at the lake! Enjoy!!

  6. How wonderful to see the flowers your Mom planted thriving and breaking growth records. How heartwarming. I’m the kind of person who seems to always be busy as well. Lovely that you had such a good day with your sister.

  7. It is so wonderful that you can enjoy beautiful plants and flowers that your mother planted so many years ago! That lupine is amazing! I bet the solar eclipse was beautiful and definitely worth getting up for…have a wonderful week enjoying your lake life Nancy!

  8. Good for you for rising early. We had good intentions but slept right through the eclipse. How wonderful you have flowers that are a constant reminder of your mother.

    1. Yes! A constant reminder of my dear Momma.
      And I am so sorry you missed the eclipse. There were enough pictures of it on the news etc.
      Have a great week!

  9. Your post brought back so many memories of our time spent at our summer cottage in Maine. From the flowers blooming to jet skiing. When we moved to New England and someone pointed out the flowers that they called buttercups was surprising to me. Not that it isn’t the perfect name with their bright yellow color but because the pink primroses in your photo with them is what we called buttercups in Texas. At certain times of the year, the pastures on my parent’s ranch would be blanketed with pink “buttercups”. 😊

    1. Oh Karen… I’m so happy I brought back sweet memories for you. I remember a post from you just recently reminiscing of your place in Maine. It was a lovely place.
      And seeing a field of pink primroses called “buttercups” in Texas must have been a delight!
      Thank you so much for the visit dear friend. Have a beautiful weekend.

  10. How wonderful that you got to spend time with your sister! I’m sure that was a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Michelle… we are not only sisters, we are best of friends. We had lots of fun.
      Happy Weekend to you as well.

  11. Lovely post. I think to have your mother’s plants is amazing–and they are beautiful. So many of us are mobile these days; what you shared is not a common occurrence. I do have a 75 year old neighbor whose cousin recently gave her iris bulbs that date back to their grandmother’s plants.

    1. Thank you so much for enjoying. And I am extremely proud to be able to say that my Mom’s flowers are still growing here in this yard… under my care! 😊

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