Tuesday Tidbits #47 Painted Pumpkin Wine Glasses

Hello My Friends!

It’s Tuesday and I am so happy to share my Painted Wine Glasses I made the other day.

I do enjoy painting on glass as it is quite forgiving! My friend Jenna at The Painted Apron always inspires me with her painted glassware.

Here in our desert home I enjoy decorating with sunflowers for the Fall Season and these plates are perfect on the dining room table. I just needed pumpkin wine glasses that would tie in with all the pumpkins on the table. So I painted some!

And don’t you just love these two pumpkins. They are our favorites! Because… Sweet Man and I made them at a Glass Blowing Workshop. 🧡

The pumpkins on the glasses were a bit more time consuming then I thought but I like how they turned out. They gave the table that extra pizzazz it needed.

Have you ever painted on glass or on Wine Glasses? If not give it a try!

I enjoy having all my friends come for a visit and love all your comments too. Thank you so much!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

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34 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #47 Painted Pumpkin Wine Glasses

    1. Thanks! Painting on the glass is forgiving because if you make a mistake initially… you can wipe off and start again!Ha! Ha! Thanks for stopping in and enjoying.

  1. Good morning Nancy. You are quite the talent dear friend, the pumpkin wine glasses are beautiful! I have never painted on glass because I can’t paint, oh but I wish I could. I am also impressed with the pumpkins you and hubby made, they are really lovely and unique. Thank you for sharing your autumn table, I love the array of pumpkins and the sunflower plates! Happy Tuesday

    1. Oh Pam I always think of you and your pretty tables when I set a table. You are an inspiration!

      I really can’t paint either but for some reason it’s easier on glass. Thank you for enjoying my Pumpkin Glasses!

      Hope cooler weather is in your neck of the woods!

  2. Hi Nancy. Aren’t you clever? Your glasses are gorgeous, and those little glass ones are too cute 🙂 I love making things myself, it usually works out to be so much cheaper, but I’ve never tried painting glass. Perhaps I might give it a try.

    1. I’m so happy you saw these! Jenna I am always amazed of your creations… whatever they may be. When I saw your Pumpkin Wine Glasses I had to try to paint some. Thanks for the love! 🎃

  3. Love the wine glasses, especially the non-orange pumpkins you included. Very talented! Your table is beautiful. Did you make the pumpkins at Corning? We were there one fall and you could make your own pumpkin. You and your husband did a great job.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my Pumpkin Wine Glasses. Green and Gold Pumpkins are trending right now! Lol!

      We made the glass pumpkins in Phoenix at a Glass Blowing place. They make so many beautiful things.

      Thanks for the visit!

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