Tuesday Tidbits #49 Wonderful Birthday Week

Hello Friends!

What a fun week we had. The weather here in Arizona has been wonderful. So we got outside and took advantage of it. Lunch out at a delicious restaurant was first up.

The Corn Chowder was delicious along with my Calamari topped Salad.

Sweet man enjoyed a Fish Dinner.

Enjoying this view made our lunch that more enjoyable.

Sedona, Arizona was next up!

You can never go wrong when visiting Sedona. It’s absolutely beautiful! The Red Rocks never disappoint.

We visited the Chapel in the Rocks again but this was the first time we went inside.

The inside of the church was just as breathtaking.

We were so happy we went inside.

Have you ever been to Sedona? We are “Arizona Proud” of this place.

Thanks for visiting for another Tuesday Tidbits. I am so appreciative and I so enjoy your comments as well!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

39 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #49 Wonderful Birthday Week

  1. Nancy, lunch looks amazing! Yes, we have been to Sedona and I would love to go back. I had forgotten about the Chapel In the Rocks until your first photo and we did go inside, beautiful!! Happy Tuesday sweet friend!

    1. I am very pleased with myself as well! I only took two weeks off when we went to Europe.

      And I am so happy you stopped by and am happy with me as well. Thanks Clare. Happy Week to you!

      1. I’ve been really busy and have a few of your post to catch up on. (Sorry). I’ll get there over the next week or two. I do like following you around 😊

    1. Loretta! Hey girl! Thank you for stopping by!

      Sedona is only a little over an hour north of me! Come visit and we can meet up! 😊

  2. When we were in Sedona last autumn, we absolutely enjoyed it. A gorgeous area. Unfortunately, my wife had a bum knee and was in a wheelchair most of the time. So we could not move around as we would have liked. We need/want to come back soon. Then we will definitely visit the Chapel in the Rocks. This time we didn’t as on the day we did a trolley tour that included the chapel, it was raining cats and dogs. We could only see the chapel when we had arrived in the parking-lot in front of it, and it was raining that much that we didn’t even want to get out of the trolley. But, as I said, we will be back – maybe even later this year.

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