Hotel Del Coronado

Our second day in San Diego we hired a personal tour driver and her name was Rachel. One of the first places she took us was to the famous Hotel del Coronado on Coronado Island. The island can be reached by the Coronado bridge that crosses the San Diego Bay. Coronado Island is a gorgeous resort area.

This hotel is rich in history. Built in 1888 and known for being one of the world’s most popular resorts of the rich and famous. It is a National Historic Landmark.

Many Presidents, famous athletes and Hollywood actors and actresses have laid their heads on the Hotel’s pretty pillows.

The Emerald City of Wizard of Oz is rumored to have been inspired by the hotel. And of course like any old and historic Hotel… you know it’s haunted! Room 3327 has a ghost of a woman Kate Morgan. Clicking on the link will provide you with the ghostly information! I do hear it’s hard to reserve this room and depending on the season it starts out at $359 a night.

We walked into the area you see here and it was the bar. A Bud Lite was $9. We opted to wait and have a craft beer in town as San Diego is home to many craft breweries!

Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe was filmed here. Click the link to see the trailer.

The Beach Village Suites opened in 2007. I heard they are quite expensive so I researched. One night in March can start from $1049- $4224. It all depends if you want the pricey Ocean Front with 3 bedrooms or a room with 2 queen beds.

The beach that The Hotel del Coronado and it’s suites looks out onto is Coronado Beach. It has a vast area of white sand.

The beach goes on for miles. On any given day you may see Navy ships and planes as the Navy has Naval Air Station North Island.

The beach is known for The Sandcastle Man. His name is Bill Pavlacka and he builds amazing sandcastles! We were there on Valentine’s Day and were treated to this fabulous creation!

You can see him working on this magnificent castle!

After feeling like royalty for a bit… Rachel our driver decided it was time to go to Balboa Park.

As we headed to the car I saw this beautiful flower. It reminded us of our Fairy Duster here in the desert but these were quite larger and shaped like a Pom Pom. Our fairy duster looks like a small whisk broom that would belong to a fairy.

Pom Pom Flower?

Fairy Duster

Remember I said we were off to Balboa Park… that’s my next post. Thanks for reading!

All photos were captured on my iPhone 7plus