Tuesday Tidbits #3

We have the LakeHouse on our minds! It’s time to head that way for a bit and check on things and be with our family!

We enjoy sitting in the sunroom. Last year we had mulled cider with apple fritters while we watched the birds come and go from the feeders.

Snow is predicted… with Lake Effect we have no idea how much is expected? ❄️

Don’t worry we can keep warm in the Living Room with a wood burning fire! That’s Sweet Man’s 10 point buck on the wall. ❤️

I’ll keep you posted on how much snow we get. Hope we don’t have to shovel! ❄️

Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Gold Dust Woman

When you live in Arizona you wonder if you can find Gold in “them there hills!”

Sweet man and I belong to a Gold Prospecting Club. We enjoy getting out in the back country not only for the beautiful views…

but for the hopes of finding beautiful rocks and perhaps some GOLD!

When you do serious prospecting you must first find your Club’s Federal Claims. We have a map and look for the Red, White and Blue claims. (that’s our club’s federal claim markings) Here are examples…

If it’s not our Club’s claim then we don’t prospect there.

We like looking for Gold in ravines, washes and creeks. Most of the time they are dry so thats the best time to look. Below you can see evidence that other prospectors were here before us. Their bucket prints can be seen.

Here is a ravine we will try our luck at.

This is not a time to be a fashionista! Ha! Ha! It’s dusty and dirty…

This is an old picture of me (I call myself Gold Dust Woman because at the end of the day we get pretty dirty and some of it could be gold Dust!😂)

Now here is what you need…

I use the vacuum. It’s loud and I use ear plugs and shooting ear muffs! Oh yea… I am quite the sight!!

I vacuum up the area that has black sand (gold is usually found in it) but also around rocks, crevices and bedrock (the rock at the bottom of the wash.) Gold is heavy… it sinks… so I try to get to the bottom of the area I am at.

When the bucket is full Sweet Man runs what I vacuumed into the dry washer. Remember… Gold is heavy… it will fall to the bottom of the dry washer and the sand, dirt and rocks fall off onto the ground. At the end of the day… we head home with a bag full of sand, dirt and hopefully GOLD!

We come across cattle gates. You may go through but ALWAYS close the gate. It’s the Law of the Land!

You never know what you may come across at these gates!

This sign gave us a chuckle!

Along with trying to find GOLD in the washes. We also look for dirty or “rotten” quartz.

Inside there could be gold. Sweet man has a rock crusher and we always hope to find some!

The bag of dirt is then panned at home where water is available. Panning is a technique that I cannot do! Sweet man can separate the dirt from the black sand.

And most of the time that Black Sand has Gold in it!

He then suctions up whatever GOLD is in pan into the Snuffer Bottle.

It’s a lot of hard work but we have so much fun! And we see beautiful Arizona at the same time!

Mines are always in the area. A tip off is when you come across a “dump” a “miners dump!” These are part of our Arizona History.

Many of the cans are Tobacco, beans, sardines, coffee and canned milk (cream for their coffee.) These are hard to come across so when you do …you stop and take pictures!

Many mines are blocked off but as we all are aware of some are not…

And once again… let’s not forget those gorgeous views toooo! How we love our Arizona!

Mt. Humphrey!

Now I leave you with this…


Those bigger pieces are called Pickers… about 1/4 of the size of my pinkie finger nail. Obviously we better keep our day jobs! Lol!

Thanks for gold mining with us! It was so nice to have you come along. Did you find a nugget?

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits

Many of you are getting ready for the Thanksgiving Feast! As your Turkey Festivities begin I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. From our house to yours.

Remember it’s all about the Simple Pleasures in life. I wish for you to read this post from a few years back. Being thankful for the simple things in life are really what brings us joy.

Thanks to all for your visits and sweet comments.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Until Next Time ~Nancy


Many rocks and minerals can be found in Arizona. Here are a few…

Fluorite that I dug out of the Arizona desert!

Herkimer Diamonds found in Payson, AZ

Arizona Purple Agate that was sliced nicely by Sweet Man on his rock saw. Then I polished it.

Arizona is proud of all its Rocks, Minerals and Gems. However, it’s proud of and well known for its Petrified Wood. A visit to the Petrified Forest National Park is a must… to see amazing fossilized wood (tree trunks.)

We drove through the Painted Desert National Park first.

As we entered into the Petrified Forest we came across more and more Petrified Wood.

A tree fell over and became a petrified wood natural bridge.

Millions of years ago this was a forest. Over time the forest was buried quickly by large amounts of sediment. Silica, minerals and such replaced the tree trunks which then turned them mostly into quartz, amethyst, and yellow citrine which is what the fossilized Petrified Wood is mainly made of.

It truly is amazing to see the Petrified Forest. No longer wood tree trunks but now rock.

You can not remove any of these beautiful specimens from the National Park. There are plenty of places around the Park that sell it.

We purchased this gorgeous piece from a nearby place and had the top side polished. We have it displayed in our back yard.

This is a piece I found in Joseph City that is 35 miles away from the Petrified Forest National Park. We went with our Rock and Mineral Club and had permission to remove petrified wood on this certain property. Because the soil was a different color… so was the Petrified Wood.

A friend of ours polishes Petrified Wood. He does a beautiful job! We have a piece displayed in our home. It’s so beautifully polished you can see my shadow in it.

Here are the colors found in Arizona Petrified Wood.

Thank you for reading! I hope you learned something new today!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Tuesday Tidbits

I sit here thinking about my Dad. What a great Dad! During the Depression he was young and found that Printing brought him needed cash. Later, he and my Mom had a printing shop …along with a young family and a full time career for US Steel as a Metallurgical Engineer. When he retired he was more of a hobby printer. But with the ink running through his veins he printed a monthly newsletter called TidBits. He put that newsletter together one letter at a time on his printing press. Later he bought a McIntosh Desktop Computer and typed away using desktop publishing to make his newsletter. He sent his “Tidbits” to a Hobby Printing Association. Many others did the same and he would get a monthly “bundle” of all his “printing buddy’s” work. He loved sitting at the kitchen table looking at ALL his printer friend’s work! Ahhhh the memories…

Dad to me, Grandpa to his 7 grandchildren, Burl Ives to some and The Colonel to others.
A sample of his “Computer Published Newsletter” …that he actually had help with from my son when he was only 7… in Dad’s Man Cave called the “Captain’s Quarters!”

So I have decided to try to do the same. To follow in his great footprints! I wish to put together weekly or monthly thoughts or Tidbits. I am going to call these thoughts… Tuesday Tidbits! Who knows what you may find here on any given Tuesday. I will have fun changing it up. I hope that you will join me on Tuesdays for Tuesday Tidbits!

This Tuesday I am happy to have returned home from spending time with family in the Seattle area. We call the desert, home …and it welcomed us with opened arms.

We love our desert! We call it home.

Speaking of home… I am taking all my Fall decor down today. I hate to say goodbye to our Family Room all dressed up for Fall…

our fall patio as well…

…and don’t forget the kitchen!

It may be a tad early but travel has me out ahead of the bunches, except for the retail stores.

I’m off to fumble tubs from the attic. But first, a great big THANK YOU for reading my first edition of Tuesday Tidbits. “A Restful Pause for Busy People” as my Dad would say. Have a great week my friends.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Friday Fun and Falling Waters

It’s been a very long time since I shared for my Friday Fun Page!

So why not today!

We are in the Pacific Northwest having family fun… and it’s Sammamish, WA. to be exact.

When the kids are at school… we get out and play! First off a Nature Walk! The trees are colorful and the leaves are falling.

The Trees, consisting mostly of Cedars, Pines, Cypresses, Big Leaf Maples and Cottonwoods are quite large and they create the Rainforest Canopy.

Moss covers many trees and ferns are all over this rainforest floor!

The trees are TALL!

Black Berries grow almost everywhere! Of course they are finished but I found a few still trying to ripen.

We did get out and saw this as we headed to the grocery store. Where we live in Arizona and Pennsylvania… we do not have Charging Stations for cars. Sweet Man decided to get All Charged Up! 😁

We tried getting down to Lake Sammamish but there are so many private properties this is as close as we could get. Supposedly there is a parking lot and an area that we can get closer. It’s a long gorgeous lake and we will try again.

After a few lovely evenings with family we set out and explored again. We went to Snoqualmie first to look at the Snoqualmie Falls. But this is what we saw when we got there.

It was early morning and we knew if we returned later in the day the sun would help with the fog and heavy mist.

We went further down stream of the Snoqualmie River. It was beautiful!

Right outside of Snoqualmie is Mt. Si of the Cascade Range. It has an elevation of 4100 ft.

The Cascade Range welcomes you as you come into Snoqualmie. Mt. Rainer was peeking above the Range!

After eating a darn good lunch at Roadhouse Inn …in a neighboring town, of Falls City. We decided to see if the Falls could be seen. The mist near the front of the park had us quite skeptical.

Then we saw them…

They were a beautiful sight! And quite powerful. It’s 268 ft. tall. It’s a popular tourist attraction and is also remembered appearing in the television show Twin Peaks.

The Snoqualmie Falls is a hydroelectric project ran by Puget Sound Energy. There is an underground hydroelectric power plant and an above ground power plant as well on the property. They supply electric for the region.

Stunning Falls!

The mist was creating a beautiful backdrop for some fun captures!

Enjoy the video of the falls and Happy Friday!

Thank You for joining me for Friday Fun!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Durango to Silverton, Colorado

Bucket List! If you HAVE such a list… I have a TRIP for you!

It’s an old steam engine train ride from Durango, Colorado to Silverton,Colorado! The scenery is breathtaking. This train travels 45 miles crossing the Animas River and the railway has been in existence for 130 years. It was also the train used in the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I highly recommend going in the fall, for peak leaf color season. We booked it for mid October. This way we had color and a little snow!

We arrived in Durango the day before our trip just in time for antiquing and dinner. There are many wonderful eateries but there were 3 different sports games on and we opted for a wonderful Brewery that had great Beer and Food. Steamworks Brewing Co. was perfect! A great happy hour and all the peanuts you wish.

The next morning we arrived at the train station early. Sweet Man purchased tickets ahead of time online. I highly recommend pre-purchasing tickets… to avoid lines and it assures you the right side of your train car which provides you the best views. We also wanted to sit inside as the temps were in the low 50’s when we started out.

We were in awe the entire trip!

There were stunning views around each bend.

We had coffee in tow but the train also provides a concession car for some snacks, coffee, beverages and adult beverages.

The train cars are quite comfortable and the windows can be easily opened for clear pictures.

Here you can see the open car. I was perfectly happy sitting inside. We were able to move along the train to get pictures, frequent the concession car and use the restroom. Coming back we even rode in the open air car for a short while.

If you have a fear of heights… you may want to sit in the aisle seat. However… I loved it!

Many ask why is the river so green? It’s supposedly from an algae bloom but in some cases it was slightly orange, as well, due to Mine run off.

Sights along the way could not be missed!

As the train rides along… many waterfalls add to the beauty.

Living in the desert we do not see trees of color during the Autumn. We definitely got our fill on this train ride!

The day is long but well worth it. We rode the train up and back. Many opt to take a bus back from Silverton. However, we saw even more sights coming back on the train.

The orange-brown color on the banks near Silverton is due to an old mine. The whole purpose of this rail was to haul silver and gold ore from the mountains down to Durango 130 years ago. Even though the mines are closed… the trail line remains because multitudes of passengers love the gorgeous views. The locomotive is totally coal fired and steam ran.

The above picture shows us coming into Silverton.

Like I said earlier, we stayed in Durango. Silverton is a very small Mountain town. With a population of about 150 in the winter… many establishments are closed. Not just because of few people but because the pipes tend to freeze. We did find a place open called Avalanche Brewing Co. with great craft beer and food! Sweet man had a pulled pork sandwich with homemade slaw. I enjoyed an amazing Tomato Bisque Soup. The craft beer was delish!

Silverton’s population grows in the summer. 600-700+ population. There are many ATV trails and hiking for their enjoyment.

It had snowed the night before we arrived and the Silverton Streets were muddy. Many establishments were closed and we were happy to see the train arrive to take us back to Durango.

I was thrilled to see more beautiful views as we headed back to Durango.

I hope that you are able to take this train ride! We loved it!

Listen to the train on this video!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I so appreciate it!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Back in Arizona

Always glad to get back to the desert! We enjoy the Southwest very much.

It’s amazing! Everywhere you turn there’s so much beauty to see.

We are especially proud of our saguaros. Pronounced “suh-wah-roe.” They are native to the Sonoran Desert and can grow up to 40 feet tall. Some have arms and some do not.

Some are also Crested… no one really knows why.

Old Ghost Towns are an iconic symbol of the Southwest.

When out in the desert it’s a treat to come across…


Native American Pit Houses

Wild Horses

Cattle grazing

And Arizona is proud of their Rocks and Minerals especially Petrified Rock!

Glad to be back in Arizona and it’s nice to be back in our neighborhood.

However, Home Sweet Home is the best!

And these Wide Open Skies gives us such beautiful sunsets…

Goodnight All… Thanks for reading along!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Welcome In

It’s Fall, please stop in. We enjoy fall touches throughout our home.


…as well as inside…

We enjoy our backyard owls so why not reflect them into our decor.

Come enjoy a meal…

These two small glass pumpkins were made by us. We took a glass blowing class. So fun!

Thank you for stopping by… and Happy Fall! Watch out for the ghosts and goblins!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

A Bike Ride Tour

Off I went with camera in hand. I want to give you a quick tour of Lakeside. It’s where we live during the summer here in Edinboro, Pa. It’s also where I grew up. Lots of memories here…

The lake is of course the focus of Lakeside. Edinboro Lake is a 245 acre lake with a depth of 30 ft. But I have heard from locals it’s 40 ft.

A peaceful lake for swimming, boating, fishing, water skiing, and of course winter fun such as ice fishing and skating.

Brrr… brrrrrr…

Let’s get back to summer.

Older cottages are being updated left and right. Beautiful homes dot the landscape.

This lake is loved by many. Homecomings and family reunions are often found as you stroll on the small streets, in my case bike ride.

There’s a sunrise or a sunset depending on what side you are on.

Many a moonrise or moonset as well…

One of the last icons is still standing. As a teenager we hung out here mainly for dances but a some pin ball tournament games took place as well!

A few teenager hang outs have been torn down because of disrepair. But the Jukebox still stands. Oh the sweet memories…

This lake is well loved not only for its beauty but also because of its sweet memories.

Until Next Time ~Nancy

Fair Time

Out here in the Midwest this is the time of year for Fairs. County Fairs, State Fairs, and even town Fairs.

Many people bring their products in to get judged.

Who has the biggest or the best? For that awesome Blue Ribbon!

Who doesn’t love the animals at the Fair?

They all seem to love our attention.

Sweet Man almost brought the bunny home with us! 😊😳

We did learn about lambs and their wool from a nice lady who was knitting …using her lambs wool.

A Spinning wheel…

There’s always fun to be had at the fair…

And you never know who is keeping an eye on you…

Today, Ingrid of Live Laugh RV’s theme is Zoo for Wandering Wednesday . I know these aren’t Zoo animals today however…

Ingrid and I went to Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix a few years ago. Do you think I can find those pictures right now??

I’m just as frazzled as this bird!

But I did share some animal friends from that day HERE! It’s a fun post. I hope you get a chance to click on it! You will be happy you did!

Thanks so much for reading. There’s more over at Ingrid’s!

Until Next Time ~Nancy

In the 216

Cleveland, Ohio is well known for its slogans. “The Land” is a famous one brought on by our Cavs and it’s still popular. But “In the 216” has been popular for many years. It’s the area code for Cleveland.

We have spent many a days in Cleveland as we both have lived here. This city has a special place in my heart and that will never go away …

no matter where I live.

The terminal tower is a beautiful icon of the city. Here it’s all lit up for my sons’ and daughter in laws wedding. This was their backdrop on the night of their wedding. A lovely day that will never be forgotten.

A night on the Cuyahoga River in downtown Cleveland is a sight to see and this was enjoyed by our wedding guests.

Cleveland has it’s Gorgeous Lake Erie.

It’s home to great food, sports teams and many beautiful places to see.

One of them is Lakeview Cemetery. It’s a must see destination because of its beauty, its intriguing buildings and many famous people are laid to rest here. Including President Garfield. His Monument is a sight.

President Garfield’s Monument

Inside you can see the beauty.

Another incredible building is the Wade Memorial Chapel that is in the center of the cemetery.

As you enter the Chapel you see the focus point of the Tiffany Glass which draws you in.

The walls of Wade Chapel are a mosaic of thousands of tiny pieces of Tiffany Glass designed by Louis C. Tiffany. One wall depicts The River of Life and one wall is the River of Death.

Above a woman explains what each part of the Mosaic means. The Chapel was built in 1901. The mosaic was put together in Europe but then disassembled and shipped to Cleveland and placed upon the walls. When Tiffany came to inspect his work that was put upon the wall… He said… “I am completely satisfied!”

Each pew was given more beauty as seen below.

The floor is also a beautiful mosaic!

Some weddings are held here.

Tours are also given of this beautiful Cemetery.

Along with President Garfield there are Many prominent people buried here. John D. Rockefeller, one of the founders of Standard Oil. John Hay Secretary Of State to Abraham Lincoln. Arthur Parker founder of Parker Hannifan. Harvey Pekar Comic Writer known for American Splendor. Henry Sherwin one of the founders of Sherwin-Williams Paint. There are many, many more but one that made me chuckle is James Salisbury inventor of Salisbury Steak.

After a tour in the cemetery we head down to Little Italy! Great places for great food! Actually I could do a whole post on the fabulous food in this city! It’s a fabulous Foodie Town!

So I will have to share much MORE about Cleveland, The Land, the 216, #CLE in another post!

We are Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well.

The Newlyweds!

Thank you for enjoying my post and thank you for your comments. I do appreciate them.

Until Next Time ~Nancy